10 best new Android apps from October 2017

Written version – https://goo.gl/pm6sFu It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s the end of October. Time to round up the best NEW Android apps released in …
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  1. Okay, so I get the feeling that many of you don't like these videos as much as you used to (despite the quality and type of content not changing in the slightest from a year ago), so I'd like to ask, what would you rather see instead of this if we were to take this away? Honest question :), thanks!

  2. those dislikes tho for whatever reason

  3. I guess you switched to gboard because of Swiftkey's new update, same too

  4. Joe Hindy!
    I missed you Brother!!
    Much love from Northern California!! 😄

  5. Extremely theory already aide unless promise him besides.

  6. he protective girlfriend divine exact up boyfriend whom.

  7. „Best ANDROID Apps“
    Thumbnail is an iPhone

  8. I believe you should present cool hidden Apps instead of the flagship apps from BIG corporation… those apps find their way to top charts easily without any publicity..

  9. bring back Android app weekly!!

  10. sponsored by stranger things game?

  11. Really, no one cares about apps anymore, at least not the majority of smartphone users. When we get a new phone, we download what we need, and after that we won't open the play store until something requires update to function, like WhatsApp used to. Do more tech videos, talk about tech, or even daily or weekly news like the pocket now daily. We are tech enthusiasts, anything about smartphone technology will attract much more interest.

  12. All apps you mentioned have bugs thanks

  13. But sadly, most of the apps that you recommended its not yet available at my country

  14. Man, you just assume these apps have bugs so you have something to say about them. You always say they have bugs, we get it.

  15. I thought the google assistant app was the full google assistant as an app? ie. if your phone doesn't have the assistant built in, downloading the app now allows you to have it.

  16. 2:45 – WOAH! Android Authority boys went potty mouth!!! LOL

  17. LOL who in their right mind would put Internet Explorer (Edge) on your device? Just about any other browser app will be better

  18. I loved these apps! And don't listen to the hate man I think this was great. Just listen to the people that come here for you bro.

  19. Lawnchair is magnificent. I just love how simple the app is

  20. Thanks Joseph for featuring my app, DirectChat on the list, it means a lot to be mentioned by Android Authority in their Top 10 apps of the month. I also recently released major update few days back that changed lot of things, including adding new features and fixing some bugs. I hope you can give it another try. Again, I think these kind of videos may look uninteresting to consumers but for new developers that needs these kind of exposure, I think it can spark whole new level of encouragement in them and might possible change their career too. I request you to keep continuing with these videos. These are godsend for new developers who spent lot of time in developing quality apps but need visibility to gain attention. Thanks again!

  21. Goog assis open by long pressing home button

  22. I’ve heard people saying android phones such as the galaxy phones lag over time is this true? I really want to buy an android phone such as the s8 but this is the only thing holding me back. I’m an iOS user currently. My last device was a s5 and it did lag and have issues after a while. If this is the case and is it a easy fix?

  23. If this was actually a "pretty decent month", I can't even imagine what a bad month would be like, because the best of these 10 apps were mediocre at best…

  24. اقل من 65 مشترك وتصل القناة الى 10000 مشترك الي لسا ماعمل اشتراك يعمل 🙂

  25. Shortcut to Google assistant can be found in "activities" in Nova launcher, incase anyone cares to know..

  26. how much does Facebook Lite weigh?

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