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Have you ever seen a transforming house? How about floating homes and smart homes? Here is our list of 10 futuristic homes – transforming houses and design. Subscribe to our new channels!…

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  2. No. 8 and No. 1 more practical and affordable

  3. I'll take 2 number 2's please.

    Thank you! 😄

  4. Off the grid… that's funny! Claustrophobia nightmares! Live in a closet and call it "off the grid".

  5. Yeah, but where are Monolithic Domes, CalEarth, Eugene Tsui…and the 900 year-old Earth House of Keldur, Iceland, for that matter? And then there's the new smart brick technology, which lowers costs buy 70% and can be assembled in a day.
    Overall, your presentation was nice, but it seemed somewhat overly influenced by the fashion aesthetic of big money architecture, where it's all about appearance and sleek lines–endless variations on boxes, essentially, even though there are no straight lines in Nature, who still builds better than we do.

  6. Thanks for the video…!!! it really helped me to change my perception of housing concept


  8. 🇦🇴Ufo home was the best

  9. Only 200 for a HouseBoat shaped like a UFO with Solar panels and Wind turbines?

  10. I love the ufo. BTW I am architect and feel very bored. we build our house the way 200 years ago if not 1000 year ago. . .

  11. You can tell the narrator is trying to hide his Southern accent

  12. Awesomely cool designs, I love the one with the bedroom below the water.

  13. That water thing u can keep it

  14. The retarded designers of those "Yurts" didn't think to place the windows between the 'x' supports instead of behind them?!

  15. The "Arc" house kinda reminds me of a cute little Hobbit house. And I think that if I were to own my own small house, I would personally prefer one of these types of houses to the conventional "tiny house" design.

  16. Great ideas for potential housing.

  17. Liked the video. however, MOST of the buildings would have been better if they just used standard building materials. Like the concrete tube house, that was a waste of space. not only that but, where are you going to get furniture to fit along the curved walls ? just simply a bad idea.

  18. Yep. The last two of most interest to me

  19. How much of a fight are you going to have with local authorities to actually put these structures in place? It seems like there is some kind of bureaucratic fixation to maintain the sticks and bricks, four square walls status quo. But these are pretty nifty. I've always loved the Earthship structure.

  20. In many states and counties going 'off grid' is illegal. let them hook up to your home. Just do not open an account. Do not let them provide you with actual power just the option of using them. Just say, i can't afford the power provided by the power company so cannot open an account. But thanks for asking.

  21. Awesome video. I'd been considering building an earthship but have been constrained.

  22. RE: Earthship; we use Earth Friendly building blocks (made in AZ) for our last six houses – R value of 50; we are going to use them next in an Earthship house for a sustainable future. If you are into sustainability, ask me for a PP on IFZs (Infrastructure Free Zones)* which I am pitching to my local areas. If you are not underground (at least partially) you are not sustainable…

  23. My choice is the flex house has plenty of living space for the starting price.

  24. Ufo house boat is a fantastic idea. Although I can not see the normal Joe affording one….I would expect the super rich to try it.

  25. The first house was the best that transforms

  26. awesome video guys.good ideas for us.thank you.

  27. Great video thank you so much for sharing 🌹

  28. Wow! ide like to see this type housing developed more & more during my lifetime…hope to live in one soon as im closer to retirement age…;) would be nice for my solo dwelling..! how ide enjoy living my retired years indeed..!#! 😀😀😀

  29. I like these videos because of the hot blond and brunet at the end of them not to mention the absolutely impressive houses and inventions featured.

  30. Fantabulous selections! An excellent roadmap for self-help in speedily establishing a home.

  31. Some very cool home designs here. I like the Yurt best for its affordability and transportability, but I like the idea of living in the UFO houseboat best! Really, if I could afford any home I wanted, I'd want to live in a houseboat!

  32. I noticed the speaker had nothing negative to say about any of them, which makes this an advertisement not a review. Potential buyers should remember that fire codes, family security concerns and transportation costs may be a considerable add on cost. Local government agencies must be consulted to avoid nasty surprises prior to deploying these on site.

  33. I really love the concrete cylinder house and the number 1 house. These are awesome, would love to see more of the collapsible, movable houses.

  34. All of these homes are for singles, or couples, if you have 2 or more children then none of these are of any use.

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