13 GPUs in ONE PC? – Mining Adventure Part 2

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We finally rectify the mistakes made in Mining Adventure Part 1, and show you guys how you can build a rig to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero, and Zcash. For your unrestricted 30 days free…

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  1. why do mining rigs not focus on grounding? static breaks down electronics.

  2. and because people like this you will never be able to buy a new gpu. please go to hell

  3. If mining becomes based on wifi too and internet prices triple…

  4. Well i upgraded from from gtx 560ti to gtx 1050
    Best decision i made in my life

  5. Pretty noobish. Buy an Asus 18 slot board and throw 18 p104s on it.

  6. Fuck you for mining you cunt

  7. I thought u said erectile filing

  8. But can it play Skyrim on ultra settings.

  9. thanks to you crypto currency miners the GPU market is so fucked. Shit it costing way too much due to you idiots

  10. Tried same setup..can only run 9 cards max

  11. This should immediately cost him Nvidia & AMD Partnership for even encouraging this shit

  12. Hold your fire this man Isn't black

  13. questi pezzi di merda dei miner anno rovinato il mercato delle schede video…ficcatevele in culo le gpu bastardi

  14. Thirteen people who could have been playing games.

  15. I can really put two GPU on my desktop? for an upgrade instead of replacing it?
    If i understood this correctly…hehe

  16. Qjude um mizera a ganha sua primeira praca de video minere nesse imail. MinerGate moises.brizola@gmail.com ( português 👌

  17. i Wonder if you would sell me one of you gtx 1080 for 100 $ 😄

  18. I just decided right this very second to invest in gig9.

  19. Is it possible to merge a like 4 cpu and view all data in any cpu at random?

  20. Amazing idea for a better future GIG9!!time to invest in GIG9

  21. This is why gpu prices went up..

  22. Another pedo-coin pedobear

  23. Thanks for contributing to the death of gaming by jacking up GPU prices with mining bullshit

  24. At a certain point.

    You have to ask yourself why


  26. Sikke madenciliği halka arz öncesi %50 indirim firsatini kacirmayin derim.

  27. This video gave me cancer

  28. Hey guys! Gig9 is a great project and newer idea …!!

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  30. This video actually fits to all the stupid adverts in his other videos. Its all about winning and making more bugs!

  31. They should of made 2 separate rigs 1st with AMD GPU's and the 2nd one with Nivida GPU's and document the differences and results, see which set up works better and has the best ROI.

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