20 Google Assistant Apps You Did Not Know About!

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In an earlier video, I showed you several tricks and commands that you can use with Google Assistant. Many are not aware that Google Assistant also has 3rd party created apps, which they used…

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  1. *Time Stamps are included in the description* After experimenting with many of the 3rd party apps created for Google Assistant, I learned that most of them are NOT very good including some that were mentioned in this video. Hopefully they get better over time. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. "Time Machine" did not work for me on my Pixel XL. Instead, Assistant responded with news about time machines. Very disappointed.

  3. 21 to drink alcohol? Which country is this

  4. What screen cast application did you use

  5. Nothing motivates u than a automated voice

  6. Is there any reason my Goggle mini don't understand the talk to apps?

  7. Roast Master is Stupid it just makes a random lame insult that are not even clever and sometimes don't make sense Mr Grumbles is also stupid, it will respond to anything you say, even if you don't make a complaint or simply just say hi, Quora pronounced Read, Red it will ask you "Shall I Red More" instead of saying "shall I Read More"

  8. My devise says English king is not supported. It was the only app from this video that didn’t work.

  9. Thanks for all the "Talk to…" info. 😀

  10. Are these compatible with Google home? What can you do to give Google home more stuff?

  11. Hey how to change the wake up word… I mean how to wake up without saying Ok Google….

  12. dear God, that iPhone thing…

  13. I'm Italian and the actual number for medical emergency here is 118.
    112 is for carabinieri (military police, like french's gendarmes).
    That probably says alot about the app's trustworthness…

  14. Google allows anyone to use it's speech assistant: https//:API.ai

  15. I have galaxy s7 edge, and I can't use any of these commands
    Any one can help?

  16. If google is going to get better we shouldnt say talk to third party apps we should just talk to google for any question.

  17. English king keeps telling me it's not happening problem. Lame.

  18. If you guys don't want to say "talk to…" every time you can go to the assistant settings>shortcuts> and make the shortcut "talk to what's new on Netflix"-(for example) and access it by just saying "what's new on Netflix" or something else

  19. English King looks really shit.

  20. This randomly appeared on my phone yesterday morning, I have never owned a Google Home before, and I never downloaded it. What happened?

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