2018 Globmall X4 4K Android TV Box 2G RAM 16G ROM

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2018 Globmall X4 4K Android TV Box 2G RAM 16G ROM Globmall 4K Android 7.1 TV Box, 2018 Model X4 Smart TV Box 2G RAM 16G ROM Amlogic Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 @2GHz with HDMI 2.0A Bluetooth…

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  1. Hi it's possible to add molotov TV app

  2. is it possible to download kodi ?

  3. Sellers don't tell you the CPU (actually called SoC) is Amlogic S905W, because it is a low-end, low-rent CPU. They tell you the CPU is ARM A53. Well, from $30 box to $300 box, they may all be using the ARM Cortex-A53. Which itself is the name of a type of microarchitecture. The low-end low-rent Amlogic S905W isn't bad for what it can do. However, because of it, this box, as well as other S905W based boxes can't do two things that matters to me, and maybe to you.
    1, the WiFi doesn't have 5Ghz band; 2, the internet port has a 100 Mbps speed limit. There's one other limitation which I can give it a pass, but you may not. The streaming of Youtube and Netflix videos has 720p limit (or cap). You can forget 1080p video streaming, let alone 4K, unless you have the 1080p or 4k video files on your hard drive or USB drive already. But, that's not streaming, is it? That's video play back.

  4. Great video,thanks Brian.

  5. Looks like I'm late to Da party

  6. Thank you Brian. Can you please tell me what you use to record your pc tutorials? My father in law is making some lighting tutorials and isn't happy with the software he is using. He wants to zoom in on something like you do. Only one more day of the ashes! All the best.

  7. Slightly off topic, but had a look on the Play store, the 2D side scrolling game is called Hill Climb Racer, but you can find it by searching Hill Climber.

  8. Very nice TV box Brian, Well done.

  9. I'll wait for a 3GB version. Big rule of thumb for me is to never buy any tablet, phone or any android device without it having at least 3GB of RAM.

  10. 56 pounds =75.99 US Dollar I just bought the T95Z Plus Android TV Box 3GB RAM/32GB ROM with the gaming keyboard and paid about $90 Great for watching Youtube videos on the big screen. I need to install Beach Buggy Racer !! LOL Cheerio !

  11. Do you have a 4gb box you recommend? Or is it not needed? What's the best bang for kodi and a few games?

  12. Not a bad bit of kit and a good price. Great review.

  13. hi great video would you rate this as best box to buy just for streaming on kodi cheers

  14. Awesome. Might go buy one my android box is playing up a bit now lol!

  15. I got one of these last week and tried the sky go app on it, Sadly doesn't work as firstly it's rooted and then it knows and warns it's using external HDMI then stops? A little disappointing but I did get it to stream TV from my Humax PVR box so its got full tv and it recordings from anywhere within wifi range. Also makes a great little Kodi client connected with a NAS drive for a decent collection of movies and music. For anyone on the fence thinking of getting one of these or not try one for the money there really good value but do get the handy keyboard Brian mentions it makes it so much easier to use and navigate.

  16. do face reveal for 200k SUBS

  17. There are only 3 boxes that I recommend to family and friends: #1 Nvidia Shield, #2 Minix Neo U9-H, and #3 Mi box.

  18. So this doesn't suck right?XD

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