5 Free & Useful Software for Game Making – RPG Maker MV

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Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams.

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  1. Oy, don't forget about GIMP either, GNU Image Manipulation Program.

  2. I can't use Paint.net cause I use Mac so back to PS or GIMP(If you want free)

  3. Never heard of Twine – will have to check it out!

  4. with Audicity you can make music? cool it's what i need 😮

  5. An easy replacement for Sublime Text could also be Notepad++. I use it for all of my scripting needs and such.

  6. Cool Software I am using Sublime Text and it is very nice. I think that it is even better than Notepad++. Oh the second thing @Yanfly Engine could you please check your actionsequence editor? It does not work for days now. I am just getting a white screen. Thanks

  7. ( someone steal your video o.o )

  8. Caras, eu realmente aprecio o quão esforçado vocês são para sempre estar trazendo conteúdo, ajudando à nós gamemakers, meu sincero agradecimento por dedicarem seu tempo fazendo um vídeo tão agradável, dando dicas, nos ensinando à melhorar nossos jogos e enfim, muito obrigado e continuem sempre. Amo vocês <3

  9. Great video, I really needed Twine. Didn't even know something like that existed. Much appreciated!

  10. Twine looks like the answer to all my prayers

  11. I use inky(ink language) for nonlinear stories, but it functions more on c#, but a good tool as well!
    Also some of these tools and suggestions from the comments are pretty good too!
    Didn't know there was twine, seems promising!

  12. Yan, how do you do this? I literally just spent 4 hours earlier TODAY mapping out nonlinear story threads on paper and was thinking I could really use something like a mindmap, but made specifically for storytelling.

  13. If you really want to make your life of coding easier "Visual Studio Code" does everything Sublime does BUT MAKES ADDING CODE LIBRARIES AND MANAGING YOUR PROJECT FILES MUCH EASIER. I wanted to download and add Ruby libraries, it took me 3 clicks, with sublime I had to find the ruby website, download the ruby code libraries, activate them via CMD prompt open sublime find the libraries then finally add a directory for them before being able to active them.

  14. Also stay alert for some Humble Bundles, which can contain very useful resources for a cheap price

  15. I can agree to some of this the only one I can't is Audcaity. While you didn't commit the sin I have seen others commit with suggesting it wherein they'll go on and on about making sounds "in-house" within it from scratch which you you cannot. The reset I can agree to, if you don't wanna use Paint.NET you can use GIMP. Sublime Text is nice you could also if you wanted use Notepad++ as another one. Some prefer Sublime with how colors are done, but that's up to you. But I can't say Audacity since what most people what is something to create in which Audacity is not for, it's recording basic audio and editing. If you wanna make it from scratch don't use Audacity, or at least not by itself use something else to actually make your stuff, Audacity can then fine toon it for you but nothing more.

  16. Thanks to share these softwares.

  17. LMMS For making the music! and Audacity for recording voices or live instruments…

  18. All of these are great options and totally worth trying.
    But if anyone want to go full Open Source, I'd suggest Krita instead of Paint-net and Atom instead of Sublime Text.
    Krita is just awesome and beautiful. And you can find tutorials in youtube to learn how to use it.
    Atom is almost the same as Sublime Text, but it's open source. Managing settings and plugins is a little bit easier in Atom too.

  19. I didn’t know about Sublime Text and Twine before so this is helpful. I’ll give them a whirl.

    Thanks Yanfly for pointing these out.

  20. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  21. Excellent recommendation team Yanfly. These are all great pieces of software. I've never even heard of twine.

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