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5 RECIPES WITH CUCUMBER! Rawvana Do you love cucumbers as much as I do?! I hope so, because they’re the star of today’s video! As we head into …

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  1. Hello fam!! So glad you're enjoying this video! I love fresh recipes for the summer months & I hope you will love them too TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS WHICH INGREDIENT I SHOULD DO NEXT! GET ALL THE RECIPES HERE: http://bit.ly/5-cucumber-recipes-rawvana

  2. All of these recipes look so good!

  3. Outstanding video! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to uncover these types of content. We make Travel & Food movies as well, across the world, and therefore we are habitually looking to get inspirations and approaches. Thank You.

  4. I found this video yesterday as my husband and I were heading to Walmart. I happened to come across the Veggetti Pro inside so I bought it! I just made cucumber noodles with pesto sauce and it is AMAZING <3 Thanks so much for the inspiration, we have been talking about eating healthier and this was the motivation I needed. Definitely subscribed.

  5. Yum! Thanks for featuring the cucumber- such a great summertime veggie-fruit! I'm growing two plants in my garden and they'll be producing cucumbers like mad anything now… Always looking for new and fresh ways to use them in recipes!

  6. I love cucumber! If im feeling lazy I will just eat a whole cucumber for a snack or light lunch, depending on the size. I appreciate all these delicious new recipes i can try though!

  7. Why theres no vegan proteins? Is it important to it proteins?

  8. I'm going to try that drink looks so refreshing x

  9. Perfect timing! I just bought 6 cucumbers from Trader Joes and didnt know what to do with them. Love your videos!!

  10. Hi rawvana i love your channel so much your the best but better i subscribed and i love your Spanish channel i speak Spanish eastas bien bunita tengo 8 anos e mi gusta to cannal your channel is the best can you give me a heart please hope you have a nice day

  11. hi lovely video ! I don't know if this would qualify but maybe some vegan mayo recipes ? I just have a full jar sitting in my fridge but no ideas on how to use it

  12. loved this video so much that I just shared it to my twitter and I also started following your twitter love your channel you're awesome xo cucumbers are my favorite

  13. Idk Youtube must really hate you or something because I have watched almost all vegan youtubers for 3 years. I have heard of you Rawvana million times from other youtubers but you have been in my recommendations 0 times so I never go to your channel. Now I ''found'' you and immediately subbed!

  14. Please open up your own restaurants 鳶

  15. Rawana do you juice?? What your best one they are so many & is so confusing Im in the market for one.!!
    Is drinking shot of ginger or wheatgrass every morning good ??
    Thanks I love all your tips & the way you guide ya to a healthier life style .!!

  16. If it wasnt for your channel I crossed by a few years ago since I was allergic to milk I looked into being vegan and was completely lost on how to start because of my previous eating habits. It was easy to transition since I had only eaten fish(meat wise) but then I switched to vegan and for that I wouldnt have started recovering from my eating disorder and living/ loving life Im thankful I found your channel. You gave me hope and made me think about life and how to love myself first before anything else. With a healthy mind comes a healthy body and I know I never usually comment but currently I am still recovering and I love your recipes you make the best! Thank you so much for everything you do! I love you girl! 歹

  17. ay que ricura. I would love to see videos using the incredible, edible eggplant que me encaaaaanta. Besos from this dominicanita in Texas.

  18. Those are slices of bread not loaf's of bread.
    I can not wait to try them all. 歹

  19. Could you make a video on Stevia? Is it really a better option than sugar. What are it's effects to the body in the long run. Or are there better sweetener alternatives than stevia or sugar. Thanks!

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