50 new watchOS 5 features / changes! [9to5Mac]

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  1. Hey guys and gals! What's your favorite watchOS 5 feature?

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  2. I was disappointed when there wasn’t 50!=1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10x11x12x13x14x15x16x17x18x19x20x21x22x23x24x25x26x27x28x29x30x31x32x33x34x35x36x37x38x39x40x41x42x43x44x45x46x47x48x49x50 features.

  3. Updated my watch yesterday and it doesn’t allow me to challenge anyone

  4. In public beta 3 of watch OS 5, when attempting to connect to a WiFi network directly, it will only connect directly when the phone is nor present.

  5. Minute .48. Start Workout reminder is not in the activity app. It’s in the watch app.

  6. None of them, all fairly useless tbh

  7. Wasn’t really impressed with WatchOS 5 at the keynote. But this video changed my mind (PS: if you have the original watch, series 0 came out with the iPhone 6, you are unable to get the this update. So if you were stupid enough to buy a $17,000 Apple Watch, you’re screwed)

  8. It's Jeff from idownloadblog!

  9. they should make a compass app for watchos

  10. watchOS 4 has a yoga workout. It's hidden inside the "other" workout category and I use it regularly. What's the difference in the watchOS 5 Yoga workout?

  11. HI at 10:43 I do not see the CANCEL SEND OPTION – when sending messages, it's not there, however I installed beta 2, maybe it gone again. I don't like how it doesn't send the message right away it delays for sometimes up to a minute. . . ?

  12. Package project convinced ritual accuse basic our advanced.

  13. How does this video get dislikes🤦‍♂️🤔🤔??

  14. What about getting a text on your phone when using watch is the audio going through or just on watch??

  15. well done, good info, thanks

  16. unable to go back to watch os 4.3.1

  17. Hi, great video. question have you noticed any issues with cellular connectivity with in the watch during beta?

  18. Great video. You really went in depth with this. Thank you.

  19. Hello, is it possible to sync alarms whith iPhone ?

  20. I wish they added more watch faces

  21. I just want to be able to view more than the current month in the calendar app I don't think that's asking for too much

  22. Awesome video. This taught me a lot

  23. Any new features to the Calendar app?

  24. Wait how do you download this? I have a series 3

  25. I just wish I can use the external speaker to listen to music with it without having to use my iPhone

  26. Great features! I can't wait to update to WatchOS 5 🙂

  27. I want different notification sounds for the watch, and since they have speakers atleast series 1-3 as far as i know does, i want the ability to listen to music or podcasts without connecting to bluetooth speakers.

  28. Hmm…
    My watch got respringed while adding a city to the world clock app
    Anyone got the same problem? Im on series 1

  29. So when is this update gonna be released? I have a series 3 watch and just looked and there is no update. I still have 4.3.1

  30. New watch faces my god please new watch faces!!!!! Had the same damn faces since release!

  31. Recent Timer times. I use the timer a lot (with the same time scale) so this will be most welcome.

  32. Sounds like 5 year old whispering in a mic

  33. Podcasts.. finally 🙂

  34. Is there any change on calendar app? Does it show only one month?

  35. Was hoping for 50! features, you showed only 50.

  36. Do you still do jailbreak videos? I can remember what was the name of the channel.. maybe this one. Dont really remember. I used to watch all your jailbreak tweak videos.

  37. I know it is going to change but please can you do a more detailed video of the new Podcasts App. Thanks

  38. I wonder if Apple news will allow us to read more into the news rather than just a little highlight as in WatchOS4

  39. Wow, Jeff! Well done!
    Much appreciated!
    Apple, finally, put WatchOS 5 back up on the developer page after having removed it for a week.
    Again, well done, and, again, thanks! 🙂

  40. Still no feature to add contacts directly to Apple Watch. Disappointing.

  41. Does anyone know if watchOS 5 improve performance of serie 2

  42. What do I have to do to have it on my watch? update the ios version on my phone?

  43. “Peach is new in WatchOS 5” 😂💀

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