6 Ultra Creative Ways To Organize iPhone and iPad Apps

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How to organize your iPhone and iPad home screen and apps. Sponsor: ZuguCase – http://geni.us/wgDC Win a $25 iTunes gift card: https://dlytkk.co/2wM6sEC …

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  1. I just put everything that goes together into one folder for example the camera and gallery apps in one folder so there is just one screen with a bunch of folders

  2. I do edge folders by color. So the most important apps that all happen to be the same color, I put out as the main 3 and put all apps of that same color in one folder at the left edge.

  3. Because I'm an OCD freak, everything just goes in folders for me.

  4. i have my most used apps all out on the first page, & my 2nd page is all folders, organized alphabetically by category, with the apps within each folder organized from most to least used #ocd

  5. subscribed just because you have the Adventures in Odyssey app XD

  6. My layout
    Dock: most used apps

    First page: Apple apps

    Second page a few more Apple apps, and a staircase of folders going up from the left to the right with 2 empty rows underneath

    It’s really useful and easy to find apps with.

  7. I put all my apps at the dock so I could just swipe up and see all my icons

  8. My cousin takes all her apps and puts them in folders alphabetically like her camera is in the C folder and photos is in the P folder 📁

  9. I have four pages- apple apps, school, social medias, and other stuff 😂

  10. I have 3 rows of apps /12 apps and a folder on the top right with 9 apps on every page

  11. I put the colors in folders and then on the next screen I did the games in their folder according to their color

  12. Invisible icons not work on ipad

  13. I never moved a single app 🤣🤣🤣

  14. 1:08 where I can find blue wallpaper

  15. These are amazing, don’t know which one to choose

  16. I personally dont arrange my apps to look appealing to the eye, bc i cant find anything. Heres how i arrange my apps (I have an android phone but it really doesnt matter) :

    On the first page I put all of my most used apps and that includes stock apps and also third party apps and i dont put them in folders. I arrange them in the order which i use most often (for example: youtube is first, then instagram etc).
    On the second page I put my editing apps, games and entertainment apps into folders so they can be very organised.
    On the last page I put all of the useless apps in a folder.
    I think this layout for me works the best because it is very useful and very practical and it makes a lot of sense.

  17. What if you color coded your apps and then arranged them in alphabetical order by color haha

  18. I arrange my apps alphabetically and I feel attacked lol

  19. I leave all apple apps as they are then in a separte tab i make folders to divide my apps in categories and to fill any empty space i put an app that i use often, also i leave an empty row for more a of a clean look

  20. I chose alphabetical for both iPad and iPhone. Thank you for the help!

  21. I have 3 folders
    Most used
    And then I have music all in that little slot on the bottom of my phone

  22. Lol I organize my apps by alphabetical order XD

  23. i just did the arrangement by color last week. i don't know, I just find it oddly satisfying

  24. I organize my apps by color at the end i atleast have 5 pages (dont ask)

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