PeppermintOS 8.5 Master Class #7 Wine Staging

#linux, #linux_app, #linux_software, #linux_programs, #linux_game, loading… Simple guide on how I like to install wine staging ready for Windows games. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wine/wine-builds sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get update /opt/wine-staging/… source Continue reading

Sunday Night Trucking for Everyone

#linux, #linux_app, #linux_software, #linux_programs, #linux_game, Download Bobuntu Linux Here : source Continue reading

PeppermintOS8 PC Powerhouse #2

#linux, #linux_app, #linux_software, #linux_programs, #linux_game, Hi all in this episode i show you how to quickly find and launch your apps, discuss desktop effects and custom wallpapers. source Continue reading

Testing ZorinOS 12.2 on Real Hardware LIVE

#linux, #linux_app, #linux_software, #linux_programs, #linux_game, Testing ZorinOS 12.2 on Real Hardware LIVE. source Continue reading

How To Install nVenc on PeppermontOS 8

How To Install nVenc on peppermontOS 8 Guide Link : source Continue reading

Manjaro Linux LXDE 4 Weeks On Squeaky Bum Time

Hi all so squeaky bum time as a whole raft of updates came down, the experience is still amazing and issues at all now for 4 weeks. source Continue reading

GhostBSD 10 1 XFCE

Built on top of FreeBSD, GhostBSD provides a simple desktop-oriented operating system pre-configures with the carefully selected minimal commonly used set … source Continue reading

ArchMerge Linux 6 Maybe The Best Arch Based Distro Available

Come for the learning experience and improve your Linux skills through the many articles and Youtube articles. Invest your time in ArchMerge and we will invest … source Continue reading

ZorinOS 12 2 CORE

Zorin OS is an alternative to Windows and macOS, designed to make your computer faster, more powerful and secure. Download Here … source Continue reading

Linux Desktop Distro Of The Year 2017

Congratulations to all the distros in this list 2017 has been a fantastic advance in Desktop Linux experience for everyone and all the dev’s and support … source Continue reading