Alcatel 1X Hands-on: Testing Oreo Go Edition on a 1GB Phone

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Read more: | Alcatel just announced its first Android Go phone, the Alcatel 1X. We go hands-on at MWC 2018! Download the Android Authority App:…

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  1. Although not that budget phons, but definitely budget use for long terms.

  2. Although not that budget phons, but definitely budget use for long terms.

  3. Although not that budget phons, but definitely budget use for long terms.

  4. Thank you for doing this Google so almost people can afford good quality smartphone even with very low budget

  5. If Android 7 can run on 512mb. Does Android go run on less, Like 256-384mb

  6. android go is a fantastic idea. some people just need a basic phone but still need a smartphone to keep up with time. also some people really just dont have that much money but need a smartphone because its hard to live without one nowadays

  7. Hello, any news on Android Go for Motorola Moto E2?

  8. This has to be crazy burner phone cheap

  9. Go with 50$ is perfect

  10. Meanwhile, The Verge reports that The X1 lags terribly and Android Go doesn't really help the phone run smoothly.
    But that makes sense. This channel is called "Android Authority" for a reason!
    Ah! I remember how Crackberry went all teary over the launch of The Z10 and called it a revolution!

  11. What a POS… Lame, simply lame.

  12. 1. Sub
    2. Like the comment
    3. I’ll sub with 5 channels

  13. Android is getting better day by day.

  14. Yep, they still add their shit UI on top of Android GO

  15. I don't like its skin

  16. Why does it have a terrible-looking interface? Just keep it stock!

  17. Can we actually download the OS for our old ohones

  18. When android go will be released as a custom rom to let us to install it in 1 gb of ram devices ??

  19. 480p videos on a 480p display are in my mind, crisper than high resolution videos. Have an lg lancet vs830

  20. My only phone right now only has 1GB of RAM..
    1thumbs up = 1RAM 😢 #iCrieEverytiem

  21. Google: "Lets make the app icons absurdly big and tue onscreen buttons as small as possible."

  22. I do not understand how Google allowed Alcatel to make changes to an Android that should be lightweight, fast, and optimized for modest hardware.

  23. Those navigation keys are stupidly small! No thanks.

  24. I want Android Go on my Nexus5x.

  25. Not so much on the software

  26. I bet you the bloat will ruin this phone

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