Alpha Substratum theme for LG V30 instructions

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Instructional video on the best way to apply the theme.

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  1. In the video your google notification is white before you reboot. When i reboot it still stays the same. what am I doing wrong?

  2. I'm defiantly going to cop this theme! it looks so cool, and I appreciate the updates to 3rd party apps! keep it up mate!

  3. Hey sorry I know you most be a busy person but I keep getting a message from your theme that reads "this theme located a few privacy tools installed. Please uninstall them to continue." What those this mean

  4. hey i have a v30 tmobile on oreo but when i run andromeda like you did in the video i get all errors, do i have to have an unlock bootloader or something. i dont know who or where to go to ask about this

  5. Great work! Only one problem, I'm using blacked out with Google red as my accent colour, but some notifications like WhatsApp and Maps have some text blacked out too?

  6. Hi friend, I'm buying a theme from you, I'm from Brazil and I have an LG G5 H860. I wonder if this theme "PixTerial Theme for LG V30 & LG G6" works on LG G5 ??? Normal? Well I saw that there is only the G5 in other themes, but I found this more cool. Thank you…

  7. This was very helpful. Love this theme.

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