Android 17 Gets Jiren On His Knees Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

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  1. Belmod in his mind: just 3 minutes back we were the ones winning. Yyyyy kami sama!!!!

  2. If Goku had the ability to shit talk every opponent like freiza and my nigga 17. Jiren would have lost already.

  3. im sure ive missed something since ive only watched youtube clips but have they made a mention of android 16 at all?

  4. Guys one clarification supreme Kai's wears green Porta…why does U7 wears a yellow Porta which means he is still an apprentice????

  5. 2 things. 1. If goku had all of eternity to make the spirit bomb, he couldve because of 18s and 17 unlimited power. 2. How does a blast from 17 hurt jiren but a spirit bomb doesnt do shit

  6. man i love Freiza whenver he yells

  7. fliP IS GOKU GONNA BE OKKKKKK!?!??!??!!????!!?

  8. "Android 17 gets Jiren on his knees (Gone sexual) 2018"

  9. why frieza is screaming like bitch

  10. j adore les vidéos que tu as fait

  11. When 17 said same here I was like AWWWWW SHIT

  12. If you pause at 3:05 it looks like jiren's head is a dick

  13. you do know uni 7 wouldve won easily if jiren died by the evildoer

  14. -Jiren lost because of plot. – -No other characters are stronger.
    Hate how they made him super level headed (he even meditated) then gave him an sasuke backstory and all of a sudden he has major issues.
    – Plot is ass
    – Jiren Ball Z

  15. Freeze:Red Ultra In’s inct

  16. I love how Frieza shows contempt towards 17 for "honoring" him with Trust, as if the very notion of having a positive quality even in such a dire situation disgusts him. Frieza really is the embodiment of maleficence in the Dragon Ball Universe…

  17. No one trash talks better than Freiza

  18. perfect android 17 would have kicken Jirens full power ass!

  19. “What happened to your usual poker face?”

    Love that line!

  20. 17 and frieza is The best duo teams ever🔝

  21. 17 is better then vegeta💯💪😂😂

  22. Anyone else feel like they watched the while season in 3-5 mins YouTube

  23. So now android 17 can self destruct as many times as he wants?

  24. Frieza know how to talk that shit to get under your skin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. how strong was 17's attack since it damaged him so much?

  26. Friezas trash talk at d end makes me laugh

  27. But this suspect title tho😂

  28. The title of this video…PAUSE

  29. Are you hungry ? Frieza yeeeaaaa

  30. Love how Frieza the sociopath mocks and taunts the most powerful fighter Jiren 😏

  31. Do you know it took so many people and so many transformations to take him down
    Still not completely
    He is still the strongest no matter what
    And he has done it all alone
    That’s commendable

  32. Seeing Jiren on his knees in such a deep state of pain and loneliness and feeling of loss, I actually felt bad . This guys just trying to defend everything on his own, including his own beliefs, and hes just getting more bruised and battered till hes broken… real respect to Jiren…

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