Android Enterprise: Built for Business

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Android powers a mobile, connected workforce, with multiple layers of security, comprehensive management, and a range of devices to fit any job. Learn more: …

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  1. Apple,cough,i mean choked,,hell yea,,,

  2. What I see here. They all uses old Android phones. How secured are those phones? And the only phone that looks new is the guy holding a Sony phone. Probably android 5.1. But who cares?

  3. This is so much BS 😂 no regular user gets updates on time. Good luck with that. And those apps look ugly and old. Good try..

  4. I use Android to manage my heroin drug trafficking operation. Very secure

  5. Android has a better ui without compromising security

  6. Those apps UI looks so old and ugly !

  7. déjà vu! I've just been in this place before! Seriously…. I'm on 5.0 on my tablet….*

  8. Forget security it's about customization

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