Android P Beta 1 – What’s New?

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Android P Beta 1 is now available for Developers. I show you what’s new. Get the Beta: Wallpaper: …

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  1. I am using the may 2018 version of the beta 2. Runs great

  2. Great review! Android P on a Google pixel xl runs great. Only 2 issues : Microsoft products need a beta version of Intune company portal to run.

  3. Another great video, Aaron! I think Android P has a lot to offer. How buggy has the Beta version been on your Google Pixel 2 XL? Even though I have an iPhone X, I have nothing against Android or their devices. I like how customizable they are! I am interested in your take on Google Duplex? Do you have any ethical concerns with this AI?

  4. Will this be on Samsung phones as well? New to Android

  5. All that my huawei mate 9 can do

  6. This update makes me to switch me from IOS to android. shows how featureless ios is right now.

  7. Hello, the orange power button on panda color Pixel 2 XL is metal or plastic?.. plz reply?, is metal power button better than plastic??

  8. You don't have to swipe up twice to get to your app drawer you can swipe up on the home screen like you always could to get to your app drawer without having to swipe up twice is that little line at the top of the Google search bar and at the top of the apps I know because I have Android p and you don't have to swipe up twice like that there's a little line above the Google bar and the apps that are at the bottom you just swipe up on that little bar or on the home screen and then you can get into your app drawer

  9. On Android all we already had adaptive brightness what's new about it that they added it it was already there

  10. Android P, the P is for Poser. Also, can that search bar be removed?

  11. Great video, as always. I'm running this on my Pixel 2 XL and I'm very impressed for a 1st public beta. I'm loving the gesture based navigation.

  12. A lot of phones haven’t even got the Oreo update so are they just going to skip Oreo and jump straight to Android P once it is done?

  13. I’m not an Android fan, but I’m proud of google for FINALLY having a clean UI

  14. Another Solid Video Aaron!! I also did a video last night on my thoughts on Android P…it definitely has potential! Now if I could just get my damn Pixel 2 XL enrolled in the Beta lol

  15. The digital being is a great way for them to spy on you since all that data will be recorded. It’s amazing how much data we give google which makes money from collecting your data

  16. Safe to download as daily driver?

  17. Apple needs to add something like a Adaptive battery to iOS

  18. I've always really enjoyed your reviews/walkthroughs – so easy to follow and straight to the point! I'm so glad they've changed the volume UI, I don't think it's very intuitive right now

  19. Android is so attractive, I want to switch OS now…..

  20. wow, runs smoother than iOS 😛

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