Anita Singh: Flying Solo with Android Development

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While in San Francisco, Huyen talks to Anita Singh, Android Engineer for Winnie, about what it was like building the Winnie app from scratch as a solo developer. Filmed November 2017. —-…

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  1. "you're the one writing the legacy code" 👍👍

    Love the "go with the flow" notion of a big release then using the post-release lull to immediately handle things like tech debt and other engineering tasks.

  2. make a video about being a full stack android developer or pure android developer ?

  3. Wow, I almost do the same things like Anita does except the iOS thing

  4. Great talk as always Huyen and good tips Anita, keep up the great work 🙂

  5. Really Nice and helpful advice 🙂

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