Apple Broke iPhone 8 3rd party screens. But were they ever actually supported??

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Hey Guys! This has already been fixed with iOS 11.3.1 (guess I’m a bit late to this party), so if you haven’t yet upgraded you SHOULD be good to do so.

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  1. I made the switch to android about a year ago, I currently own the Samsung S8+, I have really enjoyed it. The main reason i switched, and the main difference i noticed is that android is much more compatible and versatile, i don't feel as confined as i did with my I phone and apple ID. #slims2cents

  2. I am not a particular fan of apple but I think they enjoy optimization just like consoles do. In theory most desktops should be able to smoke consoles on specs alone but because consoles are so narrow to develop for they enjoy high optimization. Apple benefits immensely from this similar effect.

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