Apple iPhone Cases: New Colors (Spring 2018)

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A brief look at the 7 new Spring 2018 colors available on Apple’s leather and silicone accessories. Original Video: Thanks for …

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  1. Galaxy S9/S9+ video is on the way, just want to get this in. Let me know if you also want a video on those new Space Gray Magic accessories and I'll make it quick.

  2. Electric Blue 💙😍

  3. Where can I get the flash silicone now? How about a giveaway?? I’ve tried finding it everywhere possible … but they just don’t sell the flash one anywhere for the iPhone X @detroitborg … helllppppp

  4. Wish you can also show us what its like when the case is put on the iphone

  5. Hey I'm stuck I want a red case but what's the difference from red raspberry, rose red, and product red?! (Silicone case)

  6. Please check out my account and help me out, wont take long but it means more than you think. Thank you.

  7. Does the color of a rose gold iPhone blend well with the soft pink leather case?

  8. Production costs do not exceed $5

  9. Very nice and beautiful colours

  10. I myself have the pastel pink leather case for my iPhone 8 and so far it is not picking up any stains. It fares much better than the bright pink leather case, which turned to brown on the edges. I have to say i loved the original apple cases from the beginning. But I think that with every generation they get better just like the phones themselves 😉😜

  11. Please do an unboxing of HTC desire 12 plus

  12. There was a color…. Azure Blue… anyone knows how it looks compared to the Denim Blue one?

  13. Excellent review. This was very helpful. Just bought soft pink leather. Didn’t realise it was a new color this Spring 2018. I feel current (for now!)

  14. want brown autumn case pls mike

  15. @DetroitBORG do you prefer Apple or Samsung?

  16. Is there someone who has an rosé gold iPhone with the soft pink leather case? Is it a good match and how about the change of the color when you use it for a longer time?

  17. I’ve just bought my iPhone X new Denim Blue Silicone case in Singapore Apple store! Just Like the blue colour of it ya! 😊

  18. When s9 and s9 plus you upload

  19. I can't decide between the leather case spring (yellow) and silicone yellow. What do you think?

  20. I love these cases for for my iPhone.

  21. I watched it. I watched it all. I have an android phone.

  22. Is it me or are these colors complete rip-offs or heavily inspired by the Amazon Fire Tablets???

  23. chinese domain prior exhibit resort inside environmental principal direct fiber big.

  24. effort ease finish demand fence bench form part.

  25. Hi, Tom here, I am interested in you creating a review video for my iPhone cases from Would you be interested in a partnership? In return you receive 10% commission on all sales through your referral link, plus I will send you an iPhone case to review free of charge, free delivery. Please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can. Thanks.

  26. Please and unbox the new iPhone 8 and 8 plus in Product red with a black front and do a giveaway.

  27. Who’s waiting for the red iPhone 8 video like this comment

  28. iPhone 8 product red please 🤩

  29. Please! Make us a Spring Apple Watch bands colors video!
    Thank you. Love these videos.

  30. Sir why don't you review Nokia devices

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