Best Android Apps – May 2018!

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I highly recommend you check out some skins from dbrand: ≧◉◡◉≦ · App Section ·≧◔◡◔≦ …

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  1. Try WFVS APP 2018 its nice nd good app.. try bro…

  2. Thanks for the great apps!

  3. All these wallpapers n icon packs always looks good on Amoled screen but doesn't look good on LCD screen

  4. Could u pls feature a game called magic rampage

  5. Does the Stop Ad also blocks youtube ads? I did see the option in the apps, but seems to no effect?

  6. How can I know if StopAd is safe?

  7. I'm trying flick Launcher great Launcher

  8. With apps like stopad u always have to condider if the longer loadingtime is worth no adds

  9. Theres a new reddit app called Riptide for Reddit. Its new but so much better than the offical app

  10. You're still rocking the Moto 360 2nd Gen also?! Nice! I'm not alone.

  11. What about Facebook you need to allow root permission now days

  12. Is promo code still available

  13. Theres no point in charging for wallpapers

  14. promo code for Stopads application, please sir

  15. the oneplus gesture app doesn't work very well…

  16. Great!
    The best alarm and sleep manager imo is Sleep As Android. It's just so complete and works so so well!

  17. Great Video. Keep it Up!

  18. Nice video man! Just quick question. before I purchased the OnePlus Gestures. Do I need to be rooted for this to work? Thanks man! Keep it coming!

  19. I paid for the one plus gestures app and was wondering how you got the samsung navigation bar disable. I would like to now cause it makes it really clean and simple.

  20. This is probably the most meaningful app video out there other youtubers recommend pointless apps just for the sake of clickbait.

  21. Pls make a video on what's on my android

  22. dude you r one of the best youtuber i have seen . simple and straight forward . keep it up bro

  23. I have a Google pixel and I can't get my navigation bar to go away with OnePlus gestures, any advice?

  24. Thanks for the videos. Great content as always. I eagerly for this video every month , to try out the best apps.

  25. StopAd seems great, but you fail to mention it only works in the Samsung browser? So, thanks for that.

  26. Yep. I have stopad. It works perfectly!

  27. What is the name of your phone bro? ???? It's looking very nice.

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  29. are there any dbrand skins for the old Huawei P9 Lite :0?

  30. From where did you get that wallaper?. Love from India❤️.

  31. Whats the watch ur using?

  32. Some of the website ask to turn off the adblocker and thats what i dont like..

  33. I'm already playing Mr. Gun. It's a great Game. & I've installed stop Ads.

  34. First

    To tell this joke is bad

  35. keep up wild selection good

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