Best Android Phone Under $200 – HOMTOM S9 Plus 2018

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Purchase now – HOMTOM S9 Plus 4G Phablet (5.99″ display, 18:9 aspect ratio) Three versions avaliable Silver, Blue and Black I recommend you go for the silver…

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  1. i have had this phone since January and it has performed great for watching movies and playing games. The camera is useless though and the main button and fingerprint sensor has failed this week rendering the phone virtually unusable….shame as its a really good phone for the money

  2. I just saw the silver one and it looks very sharp. Thanks for the video!

  3. Hi Husham u are very good


  5. Latest Android is 8.0 and 8.1

  6. Any phone review that is stalking you going download a couple games as going to run the game good try loading 50 to 75 apps on it like everybody else does and all the apks and all the other things and then run the game because that's how these phones should truly be tested not in stock mode with one or two or three games installed if you wanted show at review install a butt load apps and then show us how the phone runs

  7. I Want Your Job Bro ! lol 🤣

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