BEST KODI 17.6 BUILD TO EVER EXIST!!! (MAY 2018) *KODI NO LIMITS* MAGIC – Complete Setup & Install

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BEST KODI 17.6 BUILD TO EVER EXIST!!! (MAY 2018) *KODI NO LIMITS* MAGIC – Complete Setup & Walkthrough – How To Install New Update v10.1 on …

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  1. Another great video from KNL. Thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Great watching the Oscar 🎥 movies nominations. Smack the bell 🛎 and subscribe.

  2. will this one fit on a firestick?

  3. Awesome video. Keep it up. Made everything very simple.

  4. When I download and then switch the interface and then go and open to main screen there's no movies or TV shows in the movies or TV shows sections. All of the sections are blank. Why would that be

  5. Anyway I can disable that "Kodi No Limits v10.0" and the Date Menu?

  6. How to go back to your build after adding exodus

  7. How do you add Subtitles to the movies? I followed another video that said you have to enable the subs prior installing a build. No limits seems to reset that cause they are disabled once the build is installed

  8. Wish you the best you've done very well i heard them hating authorities are trying to shut down Kodi, Kodi all the way

  9. Why so slow on raspberry pi 3. It lags so bad. The program. Once you spend about 10 minutes to get movie going movie plays fine. But GUI is lagging so bad. Please help

  10. do it work for apple tv 4

  11. Heyy i have a question is there one for the laptops?

  12. I tried two other so-called apps that failed! This is the only one to use! Thanks for the great instruction app

  13. Is the movie db add on not on the lite version

  14. Can some one tell me how i know if there is a update to Jarvis on my old win7 lappy

  15. my build doesnt install and keeps turning off my setting for installing unknown sources for pc windows 7

  16. My back ground does not look like yours
    Why is that

  17. 500 Cable Channels 20.00 A Month

  18. I can't install… It keeps giving me a Wizard Error

  19. This available for Xbox One?

  20. I get a "problem parsing file" on my MXQ 4.4 android box, how can I fix this?

  21. you can skip the first 16 mins to save time

  22. why do i get a message that says;; kodi is not responding,, wait or cancel

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