Building A YouTube Channel With A Cellphone #2

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Filmed on my Samsung S7 Edge Cellphone Building A YouTube Channel With A Cellphone #2 You don’t need an expensive camera to get great shots. Top question that most famous YouTubers get asked…

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  2. The superhero entrance was terrific!

  3. Off topic. But are you happy with Zhiyun Crane V2 for your EOS M? Any problems with using bigger lenses or anything?

  4. You're a marketing genius , you know how to keep us coming back without even asking lol, carefully laid out plan

  5. What I love about your videos is that you resonate with everyday film makers who are just starting out. Great Content.

  6. Thx 4 the tip o really want to create a community on my channel but still trying to figure it out I’ll keep u guys posted

  7. NICE video. natty costumes 🙂 a core theme is important to galvanizing the audience. without the focus, the audience doesn't know what to expect? so finding that core focus is key – which means tying expertise/interest framed against the keyword search volumes? so many things to get good at JUST to get good at producing tight focused relevant content?

  8. Dear Levar your stuff is amazing… keep filming and keep teaching 🙂 cheers from Pakistan

  9. the quality of your phone,unbelievable

  10. Oh and secondly love ya work!!!!🤘🏽

  11. I started my channel with millions of ideas,whittled it down to travel in a house truck fulltime but now life has changed and we have to delay that dream for awhile.So my whole Chanel has to change.We are shifting into a city apartment for a change of life and downsizing.I used to do makeup in my former life and am now a stay at home mum.I was going to start doing vloggy style stuff but do you think that how to channels get more traction? Rather than say lifestyle channels????

  12. It's Patrick Levar You gotta like the video before you even watch it! My middle name is Patrick #TrueFact

  13. Haha just ran across your videos on low light. Military here doing military sketch comedy and well my budget blows but i know premiere well use LUTS and stuff just have my cell haha. Keep it up my man.

  14. At the moment my videos are just for fun. I am going to see where they take me as I grt better at filming and editing them. The last two I posted I absolutly love and my kids love watching them over and over again. Which i find so rewarding. 😍

  15. I do all my videos with just my phone. Your videos helped me a bit.

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