Building My 2nd Water Cooled Gaming PC

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BEHOLD! The water cooling builds continue! This time im doing a build for charity, I have a Dream Foundation: ▻Time lapse build: ▻Intel…



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  1. I am broke and can't afford a thing

  2. The build was shorter than my ejaculation session

    (Lol it’s a joke, you serious peeps)

  3. soo good bro. help me to build pc please. big fan of yours. begging here hahahaha. wishing to be your lucky subscriber who would give a change to have a free pc ahahaha…. dream big

  4. Where do u get ur own logo fan grill from?

  5. Hey bro what song is that u used for the build?

  6. do you sell all your budget builds?

  7. Hey techsource what did this pc cost total?

  8. The paint should have been red

  9. Give me the pc and i give you a egg

  10. Hey, Ed how much did this cost?

  11. What liquid did he use for the water in the custom loop?

  12. Hoping to be given a build pc 🙂

  13. You are a hardware snob, always overbuilding everything, you build computers more from ocd than having a good time playing.

  14. The people that I build pc for there lucky man

  15. what is the budget in making this pc

  16. I’m not familiar with water cooled PCs. Do you have to change the liquid and refuel it or is it self sufficient

  17. One of the simply beautiful soft tube water block build i have ever seen.

  18. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😔

  19. I like red and black for a set up better but that is very nice 👌👍👌

  20. Can you hook me up with a laptop

  21. my ocd kicks in when the ram sticks start blinking different colors

  22. She is a beauty. OMG I’d love to have the money to build one of these.

  23. Where and how to mount all components is putting me off doing a build. These guys make it look easy

  24. Hey man, I know it's a lot of effort but posting the amazon links for the UK store would be awesome as well. Keep up the great work!

  25. can this bulid be to gaming

  26. Hi man what are you thinking about the raedon sapphire rx 560 4gb its good or not tell me

  27. Your videos helped me build my first gaming pc. My next one will be custom water cooled. Thanks for your help!

  28. Can you please build a computer for me

  29. i cant find the cablemod kit anyware pls help

  30. Do u need dat big case?

  31. Can you make same video for AMD threadripper

  32. Please Subscribe to my second channel. I will be reviewing tech soon.

    Tech Source your awesome💯

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