Cellphone EMF – How Much Radiation is Really Coming Out

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  1. Thank you, David. I was wondering how today's phones measured.
    I haven't seen this test in years.

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  3. Interesting. What is the measure of the radiation that the number on that meter represents, is it called "rads?" I need to look up the significance of the numbers. I wonder what level has been determined to be unhealthy for people and animals?

  4. Well it's confirm that iPhone have the most radiation out of all the phone brand. But that is nuts and scary as hell!

  5. |It would be interesting to try putting it next to a light bulb or a TV or even next to some metal railings that have been in the sun all day as they also emit microwave/radio-wave frequencies for comparison. The problem is, yes it is much higher than background but is that dangerous, we don't know for sure yet? Whilst I agree, it's probably not great as we were not exposed to those levels during our evolution we were exposed to much much more sun (which gives off microwave and radio-frequencies) so it isn't entirely alien to us, unlike most of the food we eat these days or the horrendous amounts of fragrances products we use (even unscented or natural products contain fragrances!) which is entirely alien to our body. I would be inclined to say if someones diet isn't 'clean' and they are still using fragrances products worry about those first as that is something they can control. So many people react to fragrance, they are likely the canneries in the mine who have the severe acute reaction so notice it is fragrance causing the problem, I believe that it affects everyone (my partner who has no problems feels better when not exposed to fragrance and he is healthy). Ever notice how the people who have thyroid problems always wear the most perfume for example! Every body care, hair care, makeup,cleaning, laundry, air freshener product in the house that doesn't explicitly state fragrance free contains fragrance even if it doesn't say so (I don't even know that fragrance free is a guarantee anywhere but Europe).OK don't sleep next to your phone and turn off your wifi for bed (things anyone can easily control) but beyond that don't worry until the bigger more controllable problems of modern living are sorted.

  6. thats kinda scary 😐

  7. Thank you so much for this video 📹 very interesting

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