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Games have been described as total works of art in the vein of German composer Richard Wagner – the perfect combination of different art forms. But some say they do not constitute any form…

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  1. That's a stupid question, obviously it's art, and in my opinion it's the best form of art because it includes virtually every other art form and topping it with interactivity. That said, just as with anything else, there's good ones and bad ones.

  2. is someone buying this stuff? not a waste of time

  3. They can be both, just like any media or, indeed, activity. Like this YouTube video I didn't watch.

  4. Oh boi! The editor of this video is a butcher I must say.

  5. Sees Life is Strange Thumbnail The feels, man…

  6. the world of The Witcher 3, dark souls 3, even 2D games like hollow knight, can make u feel like stepping into a living painting (which u actually do in the gameplay of witcher and dark souls XD)

  7. Books/films/theater….: Art or time wasters?

  8. Both.

    If you have kids, don't let them play videogames, or at least, keep them under control. Videogames can be fun, but it force them to live a sedentary life which is very, very unhealthy.

  9. definitly a waste of time, i wont let my kids around it

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