Darkness Rises – Dark Avenger 3 English Android Gameplay – Assassin

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Darkness Rises by NEXON Company (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad) ▻▻▻ SUBSCRIBE PROAPK FOR MORE GAMES : http://goo.gl/dlfmS0 ◅◅◅ Darkness crawls throughout the land and within it lurks…

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  1. Tell me this game online or offline

  2. I waited 3 hours & got myself a black screen, fk you game

  3. FINALLY!!!! Another HIT Remake…. wooooow excited. NOT

  4. offline or online please reply

  5. holy fking nexon final global version say oh yeah boizzzz

  6. Audio is poor quality. Always some level of reverb in all the videos posted.

  7. If only i had storage -.-# – Also i see that dreaded auto button.

  8. great game with best graphic, finally they made english version. this graphic is comparable to ps3 i think.

  9. OMG finally release
    But, not yet available in SEA

  10. Do you have to remove your sim card in order to play since it's not available in the states? I downloaded because I have a spare account that's Canadian back when shadow fight 3 came out?

  11. the games is only release in Canada , Australia & New Zealand

  12. I hope there is no auto battle mode.

  13. Lol why i cant play the most 80 % of your games im from south america

  14. Why does not download data for me ??

  15. It's stuck on loading … Can someone help ?

  16. ต้องล็อกอินด้วยอะไรอะคับถึงจะเล่นได้

  17. Blade II english i hope they release it.

  18. Thanks my friend for this game. I can to play it without problem

  19. Can we customize our characters ?

  20. not available yet. from malaysia

  21. ele tá jogando em que celular?

  22. so… i just got myself a black screen after completed the download.. does that mean it require vpn to play it?
    and i seen someone in the comment said the game alrdy out for Canada and Australia..

    If we do need vpn any suggestion which vpn should i use to play it?

  23. Download apk from apkpure

  24. Yeszaa.finallyyy..plss make it fast for global release..uhh..

  25. Not available for my phone

  26. Cant dowload from my playstore any other away or link please

  27. unauthorzed program has been detected. please reach us through help_DR@nexon.com(104/11) why?

  28. pas login kok ga bisa masuk kenapa ya apa harus pake vpn?

  29. he is also multiplayer?

  30. pasa otro link de descarga

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