Darkness Rises vs Dark Avenger 3 – Westernization – Android on PC – Mobile – F2P – EN

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Here is a face to face with my two Wizards in both Korean and Global version. There are some cosmetic changes but also different features and other retouches. In the Korean version, all your…

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  1. What is the best? Because i can't play Asian versión, i used vpn , without chip but not work.
    Cuál es mejor ? Porque intenté jugar la versión asiática pero no me lo deja jugar , instale vpn y quite el chip , y nada…

  2. I don't speak Korean, so I don't play Korean games, but the original version looks better, of coarse. You have more hours played in the Korean version, so the customization looks better too. I like the slightly stylized white women more than the k-pop looking ones, but that's a personal preference.

  3. Dark avenger 3 tiene mas realismo con los personaje y mas con los grafico y mientra darkeness rise es una copia de dark avernger 3 no esta realismo qye pasa ay aguien contestene porque esa pendejaaaaaaa y ese realajo tan pasaooo siempre cuando los chino tiran un juego se cansal de jugar tiral la copia que no separecen en na al.juego

  4. At what level can I roam around?

  5. @rendermax What Android emulator do you recommend? to play games in general

  6. 4:38 that hip bump was so adorable

  7. English version is ** . DR does not work at all.. better korean version. .:)

  8. why koreans version are always better? is because in korean players spend money each X days or X times at month and sure there 70-85% of player spend money… so (nexon) need to give so good stuff/events/items/etc for player keep spending money.. but in global … most of players are free to play and may be only 25% player in global spend money x days/month……

  9. KR looks like plastic surgery

  10. I loved the korean version, but the region lock sucks, and its tiring that i had to remove my sim cards to play and then use the vpn.

  11. the reason why they change it one theres game name Dark Avengers 3 will be released worldwide under the new title, Darkness Rises, and preparations are ongoing. The name change is probably due to the prequel, Dark Avengers 2, being published by rival Gamevil in the global market previously. and the korean model's they use on game are copyright use only in kr ver.

  12. Can you use the same account from korean server?

  13. Solo espero que la version latina sea parecida a la coreana

  14. since i just know english. who care bout korean ver

  15. HEY its me @ 2:27! Look at that sexy dark chocolate!

    Also @rendermax when did they get the 99 duel and team duel tickets? 10 and 20 tickets go by so fast =/

  16. Korean version is very best! Western version is a censored bullshit!

  17. the English version released assassin heroes from start which makes it a plus.

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