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VPN husham.com/vpnsale KODI Builds – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAxUzKSUfH8&list=PLSt21BXKwMKLQq2VKVGzbzxtht1Uwu2nB IPTV – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSt21BXKwMKIcYkaLJ7G_-dK_8EQ…

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  1. Joined in ur life feed last night shasham 👍 forgot to say 3 great films PAPION /SHAWSHANK redemption /in name of the father classics 👍

  2. Nice one HUS AND DIMI you boys do a great job well done The BBC isn’t worth electric to watch it sky it’s far too much money They do not like the competition to frigging bad🤝👍✊

  3. shit show but schindlers list was a good movie kill the jews

  4. Nice 1 dimi.silver button well earned. .kodi boxes is made up by the media to give authorities a ticket to interfere with add-ons.if it was that illegal, it would of been taken down ages ago..grey area??…people pay for internet so technically its not free and if you know how ,they can't go stopping everyone watching internet tv.

  5. Why was I not invited to this show? lol

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