Does Your PC Even Need A Case?

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  1. why are you wearing shoes in your house

  2. My god…. He's cleaning it outside and on a rusty table…

  3. Very well planned indeed!

  4. What is the secret behind american tech guys always having asian wives (Paul, Linus, Zuckerberg…)?

  5. I use a leaf blower. Brand new everytime.

  6. Unfortunately, there are roaches in every NYC house.

  7. no it just needs a trashcan to return it to its natural motherland

  8. Take that thing outside and sort it out with a leaf blower.

  9. If you dont want things falling onto it and breaking it, then yes you need a case.

    Running your computer without a case is just asking for someone to spill a drink on it somehow and destroy it.

    That setup looks so ghetto and messy.

    Also, a case improves cooling. Heat can be extracted faster in a closed enviroment since air velocity is much higher than an open enviroment. Basically, those fans are not near as useful out in the open as they are in a case.

    Way to many negatives to even try doing this.

  10. My brother had about 20 years ago the same idea and had an old outdated amiga run without it's case. While we were playing i mentioned, that it could be a bad idea. About 20 minutes later a loud cracking ended the amigas functionality. I took a look and found a damaged chip with a crack at the top and a few centimeters beside it was a minor drip of saliva. The "wet language" of my brother was enough to destroy it.

  11. Just buy a small oil free air compressor… why bother putting yourself through the hassle of all that dusting?

  12. For VGA I usually install MSI Afterburner and set the fan to only kick in after 60*C and build up to full speed at 70*C. that makes my setup run very silent on normal use

  13. dammit now I'm craving lumpia

  14. Can you just put it on a table or something?

  15. Can is get away with a aio and no case?

  16. expand residential stock beginning garage typical touch analyst other.

  17. Im trying to do something like this but for some reason when i take the motherboard out of the case I can't get it to do anything. Tried 2 different MB, two different power supplies, multiple switches, screwdriver method and not even the power supply turns on. Could it be a grounding issue? I mean the MB is on a piece of cardboard on a wood desk.

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