EP: 154 – Top 8 FREE Android Apps and Games of the week!

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  1. Still using android cuz of your influence in modifying android

  2. Somuch for coming back….. moth later still nothing again

  3. I remember you being one of the first to find out instagram. That's sick homie

  4. Photo Color Correction video tutorial for insta. (suggestion)

  5. very cool! you should check Walloop too is quite cool

  6. that calculator looks crazy real lol

  7. keep it up Omar been a follower since early Fj days! So glad youre back!!

  8. The background beat you use here is dope.

  9. Good video to come back. Next video do top games.

  10. Awesome thanks for the video. I was unaware of the wabbitemu. Keep up the good work.

  11. omg where u been?? i still watch your videos, i switched to the iphone 5s years ago.. but now i think imma switch back to android 😉 looking forward to your vids!!

  12. Welcome back fluffy bunny make sure you come back to the funny jokes and upload your videos

  13. Bro where u been? I switched to apple years ago but you’re an OG

  14. can the background be like pink?? or like polka dots?

  15. Long time coming! Glad you're back man!

  16. Welcome back. Been here since you have been using ur galaxy s4. Glad ur back

  17. Don't know what happened but happy your back.

  18. Nice that you're back!!! keep it up

  19. OMG Your Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome Back

  20. Glad you're back..just make background more minimal..

  21. Welcome back you wonderful human! You made android Great!!

  22. Do you like breadsticks?


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