FAR CRY 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (PS4 Pro)

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NEW Far Cry 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 of the Far Cry 5 (FC5) Campaign including the Intro, a Review and Mission 1: The Warrant & Character Customization for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC….

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since last summer when it was announced. I really hope to see this video do well. It would be amazing if we somehow got to 50k likes. Much love fam.

    Here is Part 2!

  2. It's the best game I've ever seen

  3. Mafia 3 feeling start. Documentary. And Black Preacher? C'mon haha. But really do like the game

  4. As much as it hurts to say this it's better than farcry 3 in my opinion.

  5. sometimes the best thing to do is walk away

  6. i liked the video and subscribed also put on notafacation

  7. far cry 5 intro is just like far cry 3 intro

  8. Hey love your vids I love farcry3

  9. Bradddddddd I love far cry blood dragonnnnn HMU with that copy for Xbox one

  10. My fav far cry is far cry 3

  11. meh,,,Im still enjoying FC Primal and FC 4…..AND AC Origins….Ubisoft cant always top their masterpieces can they ?

    also, the intro almost reminded me of Bioshock Infinite….wth all those religious fanatics

  12. My favorite is far cry 4

  13. I subscribed leave post notifications and like your video Xbox one copy

  14. My favorite farcry game is FARCRY Primal

  15. Maybe next big game is hl3??? Hmmmm?

  16. the start sort of reminds me of far cry 3's intro

  17. Farcry 3
    but I have never played it lol.

  18. This game very similiar with outlast

  19. I think you might have missed keys on the shelf of the boathouse

  20. My favorite far cry game I far cry primal

  21. An another remake of farcry 3

  22. My favorite farcry is 4.love the vids keep it up

  23. If u dont hand cuff him u can unlock a secret ending

  24. when brad is customizing his character i noticed she looked like Maggie

  25. Every youtuber is blind. When 10% of the screen says the word "loot," not a single youtuber that's played this game has actually looted the things.

  26. Why u choose goddamn fuck ugly face?

  27. By far Farcry 4 is the best

  28. Far cry 4 was the best far cry in my opinion but 3 was pretty litty

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