FFXV Pocket – Windows 10 Version Coming June 6th, 2018!

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Square Enix came out 2 days ago and tweeted that the Windows 10 edition of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is finally coming out on June 6th! Have you been …

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  1. Well, I certainly didn't expect them to do that… ? But I guess it's pretty cool. The pocket edition is actually pretty good and faithful to the original. I remember playing it before the Windows Edition came out, it helped me cope with the long wait :p

  2. Windows 10 pc, intresting I might be able to play it on my laptop then, nice ^^

  3. If it's easier to get running on my laptop than the XV Playable Demo of the normal version, that's fine by me. I just wonder if the royal edition stuff is also in it.

  4. Give me that smexy Ignis hair! <3

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