Final Fantasy XV PC Review | Is it Good? | Windows Edition

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Let’s take a look at Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and see if it’s good! Based on a full playthrough of game content on PS4 & 10 hours with the PC Client. Check out FFXV here ▻http://store.ste…

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  1. Oh just a word of warning, turn off Hairworks. Once I did that I noticed all frame drops disappearing, which is absurd considering my set up but oh well! Also don't use the in game FPS tracker, it actually ironically crashes your frame rate.

    Hope you enjoy the review!

  2. Of course it's good!

    Who doesn't want to upskirt Iris and Shiva with Nvidia Ansel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Yōko Shimomura – Hunt or be hunted.

    One of the best OST in FF.

  4. Played it on ps4. Had the same complaints. Still wasn't too bad. 7/10.
    Now on pc. Graphics 👌. Playing game with context and actually enjoying on second run. So far 8/10. Not a colossal fail. But not tremendous era breaking title either.

  5. FF7 was the best among the FF franchise

  6. I have a low budget windows computer and it doesn't run good at all. Can anybody let me know if I'm fucked or if I can make it run good on my computer

  7. 1:27 That's about the most photo-realism I've seen in a game yet.

  8. story is pretty legit and tapers off quickly into a predictable shit show

  9. Nearly bought this game, but after watching your review (which was good), i decided to pass on it. Thanks for saving me money 🙂

  10. I'd rather this combat system be used in a new Secret of Mana game.

  11. uuuugh i cant stand the character models. damn japanese why they always make especially the main character like a little soyboy ffs. The last good main character in FF was Leon and Tidus because ffx is the best in general.

  12. I love the real time action, to be honest. And the fact that it runs so well on my PC is a fantastic plus!

    But, it isn't perfect. When I first summoned Ramuh, my framerate tanked below 20, and would not return to normal until I went to the title screen and then loaded back in. Evidently, I'm not alone in this. It's not what I'd call a deal breaker, as a simple reload alleviates the issue, but it's definitely a mark against this port. Hoping that Square Enix puts in a little more effort to fix this issue. Otherwise, it appears to be a fantastic port, from what little I've played so far.

  13. The questing, combat and overall story of XV is lackluster.

    Mundane 'go from A to B and kill X' quests, style-over-substance combat with virtually none of the strategy that the series is known for, and a story that feels shallow and rushed even after the 3 expacs.

    The best thing about this entry is the group dynamic and visual presentation. Otherwise it is easily one of the weakest in the franchise.

  14. So would you really recommend it ? I`m tempted to buy it, but still not decided !!!

  15. I haven't played a FF game in a very long time and I was interested in this for a while, but I can't get past how bad all the characters look. Isn't the emo fashion/trend done by now or do the Japanese still look like that? All I see in these videos is skinny guys with bad hair, and I find that liking them is almost impossible. It's like God cursed them to look like monkeys.

  16. This is great but what's it like on PC? Can i use a mouse and keyboard or do I need a controller?

  17. Just 4 dudes in skin tight leather rollin in a car named Ragayla… seems legit.

  18. Got it from cdkeys and are downloading from steam but going to take me 12 hrs lord

  19. The PC version is actually my real hands-on exposure to the game. My first session lasting just shy of 4 hours had me already nitpicking just little issues with the introduction of sidequests with no context, but by the time I had a second session lasting 3 hours extra (7 hours total a day after release), the game suddenly became strangely endearing.

    Abandoning fast traveling is an absolute must for me, including trying to drive at night, on limited fuel supply… You can imagine how that turns out. As for the tech behind the title, an absolute technical marvel this is. No question.

  20. I'm using 2 gtx980ti gpus in SLI by making a custom sli profile with nvidia profile inspector. Getting 60fps in 1440p with most of the settings turned up all the way except for turf, vxao and shadow libs. Turn off motion blur, set TRAM to High (or set the texture ram limit you want in graphicsconfig). I honestly got 60fps using either fxaa or taa, so you can pick either one (most people say taa gives them problems) or force nvidia AA probably for better performance results. If anyone is just barely not getting stable performance you want (i was getting 40-55fps with 1 980ti) you can do this to force enable sli and if you've got a similar sli setup it should give you an awesome 15-25fps boost. I went from regretting my purchase to having a blast playing this game in smooth locked 1440p 60fps.

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