FORTNITE ANDROID DOWNLOAD! – How to get the Fortnite Mobile .APK (WORKING)

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HOW TO GET THE FORTNITE MOBILE .APK FOR ANDROID RIGHT NOW! With this tutorial you will get the Fortnite .APK for your android phone… «»═«»«»═«»«»═«»«»═«»«»═«»«»…

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  1. It say forynite keep stopinh

  2. Bruh it's good but it's to much hard work so Ima just wait till it atcually comes out on Android

  3. Fkn botss fuck this screw fortnite mobile I tried fkn everything I even got my fkn phone virused

  4. It says unfortunately fortnite has stooped plzzzz bro help i wanted to play fortnite it was my dream.

  5. Um… U ain't installing this shit. Fortnite on iOS is like 2-3 gigs and this apk takes 12 seconds on download

  6. Doesnt works for me 🙁

  7. Report spam guys…u can clearly see the iPhone x button down the weapons…….people are too foolish to believe this guy…

  8. it doenst work for me if i click on the fortnite icon its says " sorry fortnite has stopped " my phone is lg g4 stylus

  9. Dose this work for Samsung T113

  10. 800kb app download on fortnite.. this guy is full of shit

  11. Ist das kostenpflichtig oder so? Weil hab kein bock auf Rechnung oder so ^^

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