Fortnite Mobile Gameplay | First Ever Solo Win

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Worlds First Fortnite Mobile Double Digit Solo Kill Win! Lets Go! This was a pretty stacked game where i score alot of eliminations in my first ever solo game! Here is fortnite mobile gameplay…

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  1. You have to be on the staircase to edit it

  2. Well the graphics on my Ipadair2 sucks .

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  4. I got a win today and it didn’t count

    Great video liked and subbed

  5. I won on the first game in mobile

  6. I subbed turned notification on and hit that like button 👍🏻

  7. yesterday i got fortnite mobile and i was a nub , now i’m a pro with 5 wins , 2 solo , 3 squad

  8. If you want to auto-run, double tap the analog you use to move.

  9. sir your fired

    because of ur aim.

  10. It’s not a bug when you want to edit tap on the thing you are editing and then edit it

  11. Double tap joystick to auto run

  12. U have to tap the shape building u want to edit to edit

  13. If you double tap the analog stick it auto Sprints

  14. you doubly tap the joystick to auto run


  16. It does have a auto run feature.
    Double press the run button.

  17. Dude, do you by any chance know why my graphics on ipad air 2 are very pixelated?

  18. Dude your first? I have 6 lol

  19. To auto run on Mobile, double tap the move button and a lock button will appear.

  20. lmao mobile runs smoother than my ps4 pro

  21. For editing the staircases you have to select the stairs on the screen and then press the edit button.

  22. u click the stair case then click edit

  23. I cant wait to play cross platform with mobile ill win so easy while playing against mobile players while im using controller

  24. Join this Fortnite Mobile discord where you can play with other people and talk to them!

  25. you need to get invited…..


  27. To auto run double tap the analog

  28. If I win on the iPad will it count as a stat on my Xbox and I bought a skin will that transfer over too???

  29. There was somebody in the bush at 10:54

  30. Who else shoots on accedint? xD

  31. The editing on mobile works a little different you have to select the thing you want to edit so if you want to edit your stairs you have to have the stair selected want to edit a wall select a wall in your building menu

  32. Am I the only one that finds the mobile version way easier I got my first double digits and I already have 10+ wins
    I only have one on ps4 and 0 on pc

  33. It’s not a bug it’s editing the selected wall or stair you have to have stairs selected to edit stairs

  34. I want a fortnite code plase 😭

  35. I can’t stand the mobile version of Fortnite it’s just does not feel right

  36. I heard if u double tap the run button u auto run

  37. I was upset that I couldn’t play fortnite on mobile because it kept crashing, then I remembered they don’t support iPad mini 2 LOL!

  38. I got 20 in mobile it’s easy af (kills)

  39. Fuck some of the android users cuz their just gonna go in the game files and fuck it up and mod the game or use lucky patcher

  40. U actually have to select the stairs in the building gui to edit em

  41. Double tap joystick to auto run

  42. Every time I try to record it, it lags when I play it back even though I’m not even lagging when I’m playing..

  43. The iPhone 6S has Fortnite to but the graphics are really bad. The gameplay is good thats a +1. And Aim Assistent is helping because without it u cant even hit the orther player just like in ure Shotgun fights on 6:05

  44. When playing mobile do u only play with ppl on mobile?

  45. Please show a cam and learn us how to play on mobile

  46. How TF can u shoot while mooving

  47. This game is complete shit on mobile. Stupid app in my opinion its impossible to play or get any near the full experience on mobile.

  48. You can autorun by double tapping the move controls

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