FORTNITE Not Downloading on Iphone ?

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FORTNITE Not Downloading on Iphone ? March the 15th And Epic Games have released Fortnite on iOS . INVITE ONLY. You MUST have an invite from a friend …

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  1. That’s why I hate Fortnite my problem is the LOADING!!

  2. Same here with my iPhone 6

  3. I have a iPhone 7 Plus and it loads sooo slow!

  4. Did it ever finish for you?

  5. My took 5-10 mins cuz I had a vpn sever

  6. Mine is like that, I waited for it to download the next day but didn’t move one single bit

  7. Mine downloaded and it works but i did not get friend invite codes like they said we were did anyone else have that problem to

  8. And it’s still not downloading

  9. Guys what should I do to get Fortnite mobile I have a 6 plus WHAT SHOULD I DO

  10. I downloaded it on my iPhone 6 and it’s done but when I launch the app it crashes and it brings me back to my home screen what do I do ?

  11. Is nop compatible for iPhone 6 😢😢😢

  12. Thanks for that, mine took ages

  13. I had that, it’s a huge app. (2GB) it takes like a hour to install.

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