Galaxy S9 -VS- iPhone X: Video Camera & Photo Selfie Side Comparison | Which is Better?

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This is a raw selfie side video and photo comparison between the iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S9. No photo enhancements, no editing, no cropping nothing, what you see is what you get. Both phones…

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  1. I have the s9 and my sister has the iphone 7 plus and the iphoje just has more natural colors abd better stabilization on the rear camera. Samsung cameras oversaturate and front camera looks cartoonish. Im disappointed with samsung. They just cant get it right. Had the s6, s7, and s9.

  2. I'm an Apple fan but it's pretty obvious who the winner is here. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is beautiful in terms proper lighting adjustments. It's more pleasant to look at. Also it body slammed the X when it came to stabilization. There is more detailing in the X though. The back camera on the iPhone is better though. More stable and better looking.


    people who can clearly see the difference but still …….. bwahaha DENIALS!!!!

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  5. The s9 I think is zoomed in more..

  6. I choose s9 because it is clearer and the I phone is not bright 🙂

  7. Galaxy S9 is brighter but the iPhone X has far better saturation, detail, skin color, and every thing simply looks so much better and sharper through the iPhone X. One area where the Galaxy S9 was better is the stabilization.

    The background is totally smeared and blurred away with the S9 while the iPhone X is very sharp and clear.

    The only scenario where the Galaxy S9 was significantly better was against the sun, where the iPhone X was too dark, and the galaxy S9 managed to create a nice balanced view. But overall the iPhone X has more detail not only in background but even the dots no the the shirt are visible on the iPhone

  8. iPhone x photo is looking real

  9. The iPhone X selfie camera seems to have a sharper image, better dynamic range and good overall exposure. Also it is wide angle, ideal for group selfie. While the only plus point I've found with the S9 camera is the stabilisation and given that it has an aperture of f1.7, low light shots will be better than that of the iPhone X.

  10. S9 is brighter but my favourite is x

  11. I’m a apple person but I chose the galaxy s9.

  12. man iphone x was the better camera (also brightness was so perfect)

  13. The Samsung s9 Is brighter And Has Great Quality But the iPhone x Dayum! The detail Beats the Samsung s9 Clearly But it's too dark for me. Don't get me wrong the iPhone x is absolutely Beautiful but I would go with the Samsung s9 😀

  14. iphone x  is a darker  and better  for me

  15. @ILuvTrading any idea on why my phone is playing random elevator music in the background? I have a Note 5. Thanks for any help..

  16. Brightness and tone is better on S9, although I would have to go with the X because it's much sharper! Nice review!!

  17. Great comparison I like iPhone X video quality……

  18. Please compare s9 vs s8, thanks

  19. The iphoneX's daylight video looks more punchy and sharp. But i'm impressed of the video stability that the s9 has.

  20. S9 looks brighter with a more solid stabilization than the X but with that it also looks a bit more zoomed in than the X. I’d probably choose the S9 even though I’m on An iPhone currently just on the clarity factor alone.

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  23. iPhone X has better camera quality, thanks for the comparison bro

  24. right side looks dark, i choose s9

  25. X is better i loved that

  26. X has better picture, but the S9 looks more realistic.

  27. Both great Galaxy is brighter

  28. I like Samsung Galaxy S9 it's awesome

  29. Both looks shit, but the Iphone looks better

  30. Hard to tell, but the Samsung usually gives the ‘beauty can’ effect . Galaxy was far better in stability… little bit shocked

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