Google Duplex: A.I. Assistant Calls Local Businesses To Make Appointments

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In an amazing demo at Google I/0, Google’s Assistant can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make an appointment for you. You don’t have to call yourself …

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  1. Check out my Voice vlog where we review various Voice devices 🙂

  2. Strong suggestions the demo is a set-up and not "actually calling a real salon" at all. Um, Google it.

  3. মামা এক টা কল মি পিলিছ ০১৮৭৭৭৫১০৯৬

  4. Scum not scam or Power, Scam your googlóide. Google it's on my pass going, to send you to the streets!
    Stupid one's, don't you know that you going to send hundreds of thousands to unemployment?
    Perhaps you could share your Economy that 1 by 1 gave you Power. Google Monopoly, stupid sharks, that are buying every good technologic idea, to Monopoly the World!

    I'm a first to declare you WAR
    googlóide stupidity with no limits.

    See you in Space 😉

  5. She told an A.I to have a good day. Mmmmm

  6. Sounds more human than I do

  7. "Duplex" is networking terminology for two nodes simultaneously transmitting data back and forth.. Half-duplex is what we call being able to send data one node at a time, so node A can only communicate with node B when node B has finished sending his data over a network. So, you can think of it as a conversation.. one person waits for someone to finish their sentence and then responds. So.. I think this should be Google Half-Duplex

    Change it plz.

  8. For those who are applauding, they are comming to replace you.

  9. I already know how to put an end to this: Verification codes to make sure the caller is human

  10. I would feel alot better about this if it started the conversation with. "Hi, Im lisa's Googles personals assitant" or something along those lines

    Great stuff though

  11. "Help users through this moment".. more like train you to be helpless and unable to do anything for yourself that requires any social interaction . As the emotional robots in the audience clap for the call. Yay we don't have to interact or communicate!!.Sheep.

  12. I guess this technology could also be applied to different languages. So you tell Google Assistant what to do in your language, and if you're calling another country, then a translation could be made if required. Then we're basically into "universal translator" territory 🙂

  13. Woman – Haircut – A.I. -_-"

  14. This is honestly amazing. And it’s only going to advance faster

  15. All you haters can hate and yell creepy all you want, but while you're wasting time sitting on hold, I will happily be doing better things.

  16. SJWs will soon start complaining that the voice sounds too white.

  17. Pretty easy to see 100's of Millions of people out of work when machine learning is perfected.

  18. Hackers and Thieves, are already using this to wrongfully collect personal information from people. I just received a call from Ashley, and after hearing her talk for a couple minute talking about how she has access to a database where she can get me a nice college for me, she said she was to confirm some information from me, but all she was doing is asking for new information. I obviously didnt give her any personal info, but it is very real and most people will fall in this trap. She asked about email, address, celphone number, etc… watch out people! its a new tool for scammers!

  19. Why the haircut appointments call is not doing
    in my phone

  20. This changes everything!

  21. Terrifying if they end up naming the A.I. assistant… David.

  22. Hmmm…. I'm a bit dubious as to how legit this phone call truly was, especially on the part of the hair salon supposedly being a 'real' business. First off, when you call a business, they will typically first Identify the name of the business by saying (for e.g.), 'You've reached Lush Hair Salon…how can I help you?' For any business to immediately answer the phone with simply 'how can I help you?' would be very odd. Also, most salons, when you first call, will ask…'have you been here before?' or more specifically will ask 'is there a particular stylist you want (to make an appointment with)?' And lastly, they will always ask for a contact phone number, so that just in case of any problems (i.e., the hair stylist is running very late or calls in sick that day), they can reach you.

    So I have my doubts as to whether the hair salon on the other end of this 'phone call' was a real business, versus a business that was staged by Google.

  23. Imagine this technology in gaming, speak into your microphone to an npc and they understand what you say and respond correctly

  24. Google assistant actually has call center agent appointed to you daily they’re the ones who talks to you and make you appointments lol

  25. He looks like the guy from ex machina 🤔

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