GTA 5 Xbox 360 vs $10,000 Gaming PC! Ultra-Realistic GTA 6 4k 60FPS Graphics Mod!

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  1. if you want to see the PC watch this first

  2. The sky make it cartoonists

  3. What normal person would buy that pc?

  4. No one cares about graphics. We care about controlls and gta is slow and laggy as fuck to move. Horrible sensitivity in first person mode. Hence why no one plays it over pubg and fortnite

  5. What’s the mod that adds all the vegetation

  6. nigga got shaders on gta

  7. The sky looks realy bad

  8. you madee the game look worse with your shit mods in my opinion, are the trees made out of paper? wtf…

  9. xbox 360 looks better lol

  10. Everything is just brighter, what ADHD kid would want th..ohhh

  11. Are people that stupid obviously it’s a fucking nasa pc and gta graphics mods are on

    How just how the fuck do you compare a 360 to that

  12. The mods are too realistic to the extent of losing complete immersion, its not real life any more its prettier.

  13. Completely changed the atmosphere of the game intended by the developers …

  14. $10,000? Did you wait until the Bitcoin bubble to buy a GTX?

  15. take away the mods, what do you have? The same game.

  16. Could someone please tell me what song this is? Lol

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