Honor 7X review: Best budget Android phone

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Hayato walks through what could be the best budget Android phone of 2017, the new Honor 7X! Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one! http://phon.es/acsub And follow us on social…

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  1. Stay away Huawei and Google don't care about their customers
    Don't buy a Huawei phone. Between Huawei and Google not supporting their "flagship" products that die quickly I would steer clear of Huawei devices and definitely the Nexus 6p. The charge to send in to fix the battery issue many of these phones have is 163.46 and they don't seem to care that their devices are known to have problem or care about their customers. Phone is a bit laggy for a flagship device with the processor spec it has. You can buy an Honor 7x for a few dollars more, but I would be very hesitant to give Google or Huawei my money for a phone again.

  2. Why does no one mention the knock feature?

  3. I ordered the honor 7x on wish for $1, but don't worry. I know it's not gonna be real or good but it will be posting a review on my youtube channel on April 26, 2018! WATCH WHEN IT COMES OUT TO KNOW IF YOU CAN GET A $1 WORKING PHONE!?!?!?

  4. Try Xiaomi MI A1 for the 200 dollar price range. Preddy gud

  5. Android central and you have a Mac?

  6. LOW TEENS heeellllllllll yeah

  7. I'm going to go ahead and disagree and say the Huawei SE is better also we haven't seen anything from the Motorola Moto G6 Plus the G5 plus last year was a heavy hitter in my book Because of its amazing battery life

  8. it a good for high grafic gaming?

  9. Way to go Huawei..
    I like how they give too many options to find what really suits your needs.. for me I was looking for big good screen and good performance (ram and processor).. I use micro usb, micro usb chargers and cables are everywhere so not having type-c is not a big deal for me.. I've never used NFC.. 16mp dual main camera is more than enough for me.. with this price I'm diffidently buying it.. maybe we got fucked for many years by Apple and Samsung that we got used to pay way too much for bunch of overpriced stuff we won't use or even know it's there.

  10. Yg dah pakai hp ni ada masalh apa yer? Boleh shere?

  11. Just be aware, the US version comes with 3GB and 32GB of ram and it's a lot more sluggish. Also no Wi-FI AC, so you can't connect to your 5ghz wifi signal.

  12. The exclusion argument of USB-C is like saying "it's not Y2K compliant." Idiotic.

    By the way, 9/10 people have a micro USB cable, whether they have an Android phone, a game console (PS4, Vita) a portable hard drive, a battery charger etc.

  13. I'm going to buy it from Amazon can someone tell me if it comes with the little white stamp on the bottom? Because that could be very ugly and annoying.

  14. Which is better? The honor 7x or the DOGEE BL5000 ?

  15. Any news on Android 8 update

  16. Any news on Android 8 update

  17. This or a Motorola G5s plus

  18. i use a galaxy note 4…. would buying the 7x be an upgrade?

  19. Does this phone support tethering over USB or hotspot? Looking to pair it with METROPCS and PDANet to do a bit of tethering

  20. I'm getting this phone soon. I got the ZTE axon 7 and it's been q pain in the ass even after the warranty got it replaced. I'll miss the Axon 7s speakers and audio quality. I might get the axon 9 if it is better quality as far as function goes. I am not gonna miss NFC cuz my bank doesn't support Android or apple pay.

  21. Can someone please tell me with the big deal with USB-C is? I mean a big turn off for me is that a lot of phones still use micro usb anyway and if I need to borrow a charger, no one is going to having a damn usb-c charger. Agh.

  22. The gaming is support or not

  23. Buying this for my teenagers first smartphone. Hope she likes it.

  24. Eh I would rather get the p10 lite.

  25. I found it on $199 on Best Buy so

  26. Can someone tell me this phone is equal for the gaming perfomance with miA1

  27. Has dual cameras, still sucks

  28. Will it run on USA Networks?

  29. After recently breaking my Nexus 6P and having to revert back to my emergency Nexus 4 (ahhh…I miss the budget google phone days) I am pumped to pick up the Honor 7x. Eventually I plan to make the 7x my permanent backup phone, maybe when the new Note or Pixel drops later this year.

  30. Is this one better than the galaxy s7 edge? I need a good budget phone

  31. What song was used in the video?

  32. Don't get me wrong …it's a nice device. But they have nothing against the Xiaomi budget line. Redmi 5A, M1A, Note 4x all kick Huawei's ass. It's far from the best budget phone. This is a paid advert.

  33. This or Moto G5 Plus? Which one is better?

  34. Will this phone work on Boost Mobile?

  35. My honor 8 after using for 10months accumulated yellow stains on its screen and bcome abit laggy

  36. EMUI is great and flawless. Better than other bug full custom skins

  37. I got this phone as I was tired of carrying around $1000 phones that are becoming more and more fragile. The only issue I have is that it seems to be weird for no reason with UI animations.

  38. Can it use 4gLTE on Tmobile/ATT, I ask because some Chinese foreign phone can't use 4gLTE

  39. "Your not going to want to order prints from this camera"???? What a stupid comment. The photos outdoors are very good from what I have seen. This review is a joke.

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