How to Build a Gaming PC (2018)

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The 2018 gaming PC build tutorial: how to build a budget computer right! All the parts you need for the Photon 4.0 – Subscribe!…

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  1. How much would all this cost?

  2. does that motherboard have wifi?

  3. Why do you don't need graphics card for ryzen 5?

  4. my pc is intel core i5 2400, gigabyte gtx 750ti, 8 gb ddr3 ram, monitor + keyboard + mouse, motherboard idk. and i got it from a stupid seller for 140 bucks……

  5. I want to build this but i need a link for all that stuff..

  6. please show the name of the part in the description for easy research.. thank you..

  7. can i also put in the hardrive with the SSD

  8. When is Msi B350i pro a.c. coming out???? Because I really want to build a pc and problably gonna add gtx 1050 ti for extra performance.Apart from that,great vid and keep up good work

  9. Computer body

    CPU brain

    GPU eyes

    PSU heart

    Cables blood vessels

    Motherboard skeleton

    SSD (idk maybe paper in hand)

    Case skin

    External cables (one that plugs into the wall) hair

  10. I have built on the carpet and I was just fine…

  11. part list? sorry, im new here and i wanna build this. help anyone???

  12. I already know how to build a PC. Why am I watching this?

  13. I built my pc in 2015, and have been gradually upgrading it since then.

  14. Hey austin where did you buy your motherboard I can't find any way how to order it?

  15. How to build a gaming pc with a 500 dollar budget

    1: go to craigslist
    2: buy 200 dollar pc
    3: take off side panel
    4: put gtx 1050 ti inside
    5: profit

  16. How much does every thing cost together for this pc

  17. What is the final cost of this pc?

  18. The worst fucking downspeak

  19. STEP 1: Buy a console, and wait till GPU prices go down, or buy a 9 series card from Nvidia.

  20. My friend tells me I’m a nerd for saying building a computer is like using legos 😂 he wants a computer aswell so it’ll be fun to watch him caveman his way through when it breaks

  21. The s9 is 1000 times better than the iPhone 10

  22. Does the stock cooler come with the prosessor?

  23. How much did this cost in total?

  24. This nerd talks so annoying

  25. But? Can it run Crysis?

  26. im just using the apu till gtx 2060 comes out or prices drop

  27. can you install extra fans?

  28. Anyone can build a computer…..but NOBODY can AFFORD or FIND a graphics card.

  29. Can you install RAM, or memory cards in the PCI express slot as well?

  30. I built mine on carpet austin

  31. I’m build my first PC. Any tips or things I should change?

    CPU: AMD – Ryzen 5
    GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
    MOBO: MSI – B350 Tomahawk
    RAM: 16GB
    Power Supply: Sea Sonic -520W
    Case: NZXT – S340
    5 Fans

  32. Can a 450 w power a gtx 1050ti and ryzen 5 1600

  33. Fuck all the bitcoin miners I hope bitcoin loses all its value and they’re all fucked for hiking up gpu prices

  34. Anyone know how much money was spent on this build?

  35. How much did this build cost

  36. Those are some expensive and fragile legos

  37. What if i have no idea what you're saying but want to build myself a PC? (Like 900€)

  38. Rate my PC for me. 🙂

    Core i9 Extreme 7890 XE

    2 x NVIDIA GTX 1080

    64 Gigs of DDR4 Ram

    4 TB WD

    1 TB SSD

    Maximus IX Extreme


  39. Hey austin can you link the case that you used instead of the photon 4.0

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