How To Download Fortnite MOBILE on Android (Fortnite Mobile)

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Fortnite on Android! Today I will show you guys one of the ways I found on how to play Fortnite on your Android devices such as your phones or tablets. I just wanna be clear again. This is…

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  1. I want to be clear the 1000th time.. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY FAKE! I made this video so you guys don’t have to try it out and spend hours trying to go through the verification process to get Fortnite on Android. If you can’t even understand what I said on 0:18 then PLEASE by any means unsub if you cannot comprehend something that’s any 10 year old can.

  2. Ur using moonlight to connect to your pc

  3. Es falso si ven en una esquina superior aparece algo que lo estaba antes

  4. Help me get this on my phone

  5. Lol dude u just using a pc streamer to android cmon. 😛

  6. Omg… it worked…

    Unsub worked…

  7. Dosen't work because if you scroll down to the last few words it says stuff about gta and when you down load it says gta 5 download

  8. Can u plzzzzz record the whole verification !!!!! No one did tht on youtube , recording the WHOLE VERIFICATION !! I hope u would record it …

  9. This is just remoter I know from the buttons,it does not work for me

  10. You can't pass any of the verification……..when you try your screen goes blank again guys don't be trick with these non sense just play fortcraft or rules of survival or pubg fornite isn't here has yet for android

  11. Fortnite isn't available for android yet guys don't be trick

  12. So how are you playing fortnight on your phone syn? Did it work?

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