[How To] Install English Windows 10 | Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro [ Under 5 Mins ]

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  1. Please let us know what you mean by it downloading a fresh copy and leave it. I am confused and don’t know if that means this video is no longer relevant

  2. Review a tablet called lenovo p8

  3. Can you make a
    Bluedio t4s vs bluedio f2

  4. Important Note About Activation

    Read After Watching The Video

    This laptop already comes with a Genuine Multi-Language Windows 10 Home License

    To use the included license:

    [Method A] just install as you would, select "I don't have a product key" & choose Windows 10 Home
    Once you finish installing and following the video, Windows will automatically pull the license and activate it self

    [Method B] If you want to make sure you got a copy of the key before you do anything
    First Setup the Original Chinese Windows & Run the following app
    It will allow you to save a copy on a text file of the stored key
    Put it on a flash drive and pull it up later to activate when you finish installing Windows 10 home

    Thanks to those who pointed that out early on that the Mi Pro includes a Multi-Language License
    And Not Chinese Only Like The Air 13

  5. so, how is the laptop so far (besides your review)?

  6. This includes Windows 10 Home and it is a retail not OEC. Genuine license is included for Multi languages.

  7. Just install in English a Home Single Language version and activate it. No need to buy a new key. Then upgrade to Pro version after.

  8. If you do not have an windows pc, you can try and navigate through the mi notebook and try to find the english windows 10 iso to download and use a tool called rufus to place the iso in the flash drive, after that you install it the same way to the laptop

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