HP OMEN Desktop Gaming PC Unboxing & Benchmark Tests

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Unboxing and testing out the new HP OMEN Desktop PC. Thank you to HP for providing the PC for this video. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit LIKE …



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  1. I can play ark survival evolved with mod in the pc?

  2. i got me one coming that monitor i need to go with it usa tax to high 73.50 omg i was pissed

  3. can i touch ur beard ? nice vid btw keep it up

  4. I didn’t know baldur from god of war got tattoo removal and started a pc channel

  5. Thanks so much for this review. Quick, yet thorough, and very informative. Now I just have to decide on getting this or not haha..again, thanks a lot.

  6. I wish you tested PUBG 🙁 Can you let us know how it runs? I am really thinking about buying this. Also, is the fans loud?

  7. I love your face. Cool pc though

  8. Duude. That beard is glorious

  9. This is about 1'422'00 U.S dollars or 1049 British Pounds just for those wondering like I was.

  10. How's the airflow dude does it stay cool?

  11. Your character: all skill points spent on beard, 0 skill points spent on headhair

  12. i could erase alot of pencil mistakes with that eraserhead.

    kidding aside, mines on the way w a i7 8700 gtx 1080 & liquid cooling. got an alienware a few weeks ago, not quit as good specc'ed, was awful. and the way dell designs several of their pc's now w no room for extra hdd outside of ssd's, so it got sent back. i see and hear nothing but good things about this, so lets hope…

  13. @Arekkz Gaming OKay but how well does it render the grass on crisis 3?

  14. There is no way that's what Arekkz looks like.

  15. Wow this is the PC I got for Christmas, just not with the GTX 1080, I've got the 1070

  16. Do you have a chin under there? xD

  17. Great Video
    but if i may ask something
    what do you think about the Power supply
    Internal 500 W i think it is bad for gaming if we compare the pc options and they are using that power supply can i add another power supply?

  18. Dat beard, Damn! Valhalla has a spot reserved for you.

  19. Holy crud a face, I donno if this happened before but nice beard

  20. Someone's gearing up for MHW on PC.

  21. Ohhhhhhhhh! Arekkz! I'm telling Dino! :O

  22. Kratos working overtime with the beard care

  23. Holy crap that beard and nice video left a like!!

  24. For a guy who typically doesn’t make videos like this, (or not as many as I’ve seen), I’m impressed with the aesthetics. Very nice! Keep it up.

  25. So thats what you look like! I for sure didn’t picture this lol. I thought you were some skinny teenager

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