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I’m unboxing the new Huawei P Smart – a budget phone with some flagship features (including dual cameras, rear fingerprint reader and 18:9 screen) – So let’s see if it’s any good! Vodafone:…

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  1. this could  be  my next  phone I love  it

  2. Anyone have any advice on whether to get the p smart or p10 lite??

  3. im gonna buy a huawei P smart phone

  4. huawei is much better then iphone.. iphone suck only bad and very expensive

  5. When will long battery life become the new trend! Been waiting for that since the Iphone

  6. Hi … Really nice review .. Did you do the extra battery life test ? This would really help me … !!! Thanx a lot !!!

  7. hm? this p smart huawei? plz

  8. Is it better than and P10 Lite ?

  9. Huawei p10 mate lite or Huawei P smart???

  10. It's not called ROM's called internal storage. Stop spreading this storage cancer.

  11. This has oreo but mate 10 lite doesn't? Woah

  12. Hey tom
    Definetley improved software
    Not entirely sure about the design
    Have a great day

  13. hello guys i am going to buy a new phone but bcs i have no idea about phones i am between Huawei P smart and samsung galaxy a5 2017 what u sugest me to buy

  14. Does it has a hangup after installing a lot of apps ?

  15. Just bought to gift someone special . Loved it <3

  16. Last night was yesterday however today is not tomorrow

  17. great video. just wondering if the p smart comes with a led notification light like the p10 lite?

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