Huion H610 Pro Review! – Vibrant Girl Speedpaint~ OwO

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Here’s a review/drawing I did of my brand new graphics tablet that I made using Paint Tool Sai 2! YO GUYZ!! Verly back again with another Verlideooooo~ OwO So, I FINALLY got around to making…

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  1. i like it a lot but i do not use amazon
    will not you have it on aliexpress?

  2. Hello…this is probably random..and you probably won't agree to this…but will you please collab with me? I need to make a come back to my channel and would like to try something different…I don't really do collabs….and you are one of the only youtube artists I know…sawwy for don't have to if you don't want to..I don't have a really popular channel…😅😅

  3. That Mic is so Kawaii. (`・ω・´) The drawing is so shiny, so rainbowy, so vibraint, so whoosh! Love it! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

  4. Hahaha!!!XD That serves you right for missing my strreeammm!!!;P I also don't trust you with keys….. Anyways, I love how this piece turned out, and I am also happy that I was able to see it done live. (Totally not guilt tripping you for missing my stream):P Anyways, loved your review, very thorough and I can't wait to see what else you'll createee!!;D

  5. Awesome review. You should do more recordings with the small mic.

  6. You look lovely verly in that style and love you stuff animal toy

  7. Best unboxing ever, 10/10 lol. I have never heard that brand. I got a medium Wacom pen and touch and been using it for almost 3 yrs. I love it!

    Mine is slippery but I got use to it. Is actually pretty slippery

    Yassss you open a RedBubble!! Omg Siri calm downxD

  8. is tablet time!!! and speedpaint! ♥

  9. You could sound like somebody from the 1900s with that mic

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