Incredible Finale – Episode 131 Dragon Ball Super English Sub – Goku, Frieza, 17 vs Jiren

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Goku Frieza 17 vs Jiren Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 English Subbed Final Episode.

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  1. Is it me or did Jiren looked a little like Venom when he was screaming?

  2. Have watched this final battle every day since the episode aired and this is a perfect cut! Thank you kindly AnimeRMX! Hot dang was this song done for this scene!

  3. Old enemies later fight along with each other. Both of them wanted to kill Goku but now they’re working as a team to defeat one character

  4. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the 3 ki blasts from 17 were to the beat of the music?

  5. That "DO IT" from the crowd ruined it for me

  6. omg false super saiyan at 1:16 minutes

  7. Imagine jiren reach the ultra instinct..

  8. Where can I get footage with no subs?

  9. If bardock Could See this 😭 he would be so proud of his son.
    Figthing together with The bastard who destroyed his planet and People.

  10. I watched this 5 times and it still gives me the chills

  11. Top ten Anime battles

    This is #1

  12. Amazing ending! Can't wait for the movie.


  14. a whole legendary fight pity that they were to wait until the end if by the time we had all this excitement we would not be left without dragon ball super /// toda una pelea legendaria lástima que estuvieron que esperar hasta el final si de entrada ubriese tenido toda esta emocion nuca nos ubriesemos quedado sin dragon ball super

  15. i had shivers throughout my body. i felt like a kid again. thank you super !!

  16. Thank god that super actually had a bit of logic. Jiren wrecked goku 1st fight full power. He lost a lot recovering from the UI battle had about 15 or minutes to recover. They vastly improved and goku and vegeta became able to fight in blue. Not nearly win but fight back. They limit broke and jiren still topped them but losing stamina the whole time. They slowly drained jiren and all those battles took a toll on him. By the end he was simply to worn out. They literally fought him until he couldnt stand anymore. He was so tired frieza and 17 nearly took him down… He was actually done for and pulled a goku. How the previous villians had HUGE roles was amazing. This was literally a universe 7 win not a goku win. The only thing im iffy about is goku going blue after vegeta gave him energy. He lost the form very quickly so i can say maybe he willed it or had stamina enough to go maybe ssj2. The extra energy vegeta gave probably gave him just enough and he did get fired up when vegeta gave him the energy. Vegeta doesnt do that. They damn near died before fighting broly and vegetas energy was potent enough to max goku out and push him… But goku willed it then to. Idk super was grwat from black… Even the beginning shitty animation. It was great

  17. jeeze in HD mode its so awsome

  18. Is this fan made? Cause if it is I'm gonna cry

  19. Ugh that music ruined the best scene, tbats why black daga was better

  20. Does anyone else think it would've been so much more awesome if it were Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza fighting Jiren instead of 17?

  21. Alguem sabe o nome da musica

  22. Frieza: Throw me at him!

    Bitch you can fly

  23. I’m not gonna lie it was worth the wait to see this

  24. The moment goku suddenly screaming and turning super saiyan <3

  25. 1:34 the most best parts of dbs

  26. If only all dbz fights are like this

  27. Jiren smile dammm.. and how goku flickers in and out of super sayian because he really doesn't have any energy… everything was on point for this last fight

  28. Those who haven't watched Dbz wouldn't understand why this scene is 100% epic and lit.

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