Infinix Zero 5 English Review ( X603 ) GREAT CAMERA PHONE with HUGE DISPLAY

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Infinix Zero 5 Hands-On Review ( X603 ) – GREAT CAMERA PHONE ( Dual Sony and Samsung cameras ), Huge display, 6GB RAM, 64GB, big battery. 4G LTE Android phone Infinix Zero 5 works in the US,…

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  1. You can say that compare to Mi Max 2 it has better gaming performance ?! " camera and video audio quality it's obvious better " but MEIZU M6s it's looking like better choice which one you will use as a daily driver ?! (Sorry for the question)😅

  2. Can this phone be found in Africa infinix zero 5?

  3. Does anyone utilize the Infinix Zero 5 with Boost Mobile? Is it compatible? All the greatest specs in the world do not mean anything if it is not compatible with Boost Mobile. (By the way, I have five lines of service for $100 + extra $10 so my dad can contact family in Hungary) Thank you for any help available. Most appreciated.

  4. Multitasking seems slugish and RAM management is shit from what i've seen in other videos. Have they improved RAM management with an update?

  5. I have cons for this phone :
    – Displays, if it was 18:9 ratio would be good, but it's 16:9 which make the device is bigger and also cant put in my pocket.
    – Price, comparing with what have available here in Indonesia, only 100K difference (here 3,499,000 IDR with local warranty, gearbest price 239,99 USD), usually gearbest price almost 400 or 500K difference.

    Overall, that's a nice phone with real dual camera setup and support software from the dev.

  6. Мислиш ли че този телефон е по добър от Xiaomi mi a1 ?

  7. outdated design – not 18:9 screen

  8. Not full LTE America,,it's missing band 12 for tmobile

  9. Which camera better infinix zero 5 or Nubia z17 mini

  10. Amazing review keep it up as always

  11. US 4Glte!!!! I'm totally unfamiliar with this brand. Thanks for educating me with another great review! Peace from New Orleans

  12. Do a camera comparison with meizu m6 note

  13. Really good smartphone , with decent camera and global LTE .
    Great review once again. 👏

  14. Disappointed you didn't include non Euro countries in your comp. Thumbs up if you're disappointed, too.

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