iOS 11.3 Released!! Missing Features & Jailbreak 11.3 Updates (iOS 11)

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Jailbreak Update (Link Below) – iOS 11.3 Released. No Messages in the Cloud or Air Play Two Support. HomePod OS 11.3 Released but no Stereo Pairing.

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  1. For those of you like me on a Beta Build of iOS 11.3. To update to the Official Release, Simply remove your Beta Configuration Profile (Under Settings, General, Profiles) & Reboot! Now the official release of 11.3 should appear under the software update tab in the settings app.

  2. I'm stuck at a failed 8.4.1 downgrade s

  3. will there be an ios 11.2.1 jailbreak??

  4. got a Samsung S9 was tired waiting for jailbreak and I wanted real VR with Gear VR 8) apple has lost in regards to interest…..the S9 is an amazing phone emulation and more is amazing…

  5. Is there a list I can reference regarding the changes improvements from 10.3.3 that's what I'm running

  6. Reachability seems a lot harder to invoke in iOS 11.3 on iPhone X. Am I imagining it?

  7. Nice clickbait. Says “jailbreak” in title, only time you speak about jailbreak is when you referred to your old video that you made yesterday to get more views!

  8. Look you need to do better on your title description! Say jailbreak update means you have new information regarding jailbreak status. Not hey watch my previous video so I get more views. Maybe use recap instead update?

  9. Seriously though, where is everybody getting these new sick ass iPhone X wallpapers?! I like the stock ones, but also like to know where I can cop the newer ones.

  10. Is 11.3 the new jailbreak🤔🤔🤔

  11. 11.2 Jailbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭

  12. I’m on exactly iOS 11.0 can I jailbreak or no ?

  13. I'm subscriber to give DISLIKE to you . Because you put on the top description JB ? so you get more views

  14. Taking a leap of faith updating my iPhone!

  15. Freaking Ass were is the jailbreak update at. Don't put jailbreak update if you don't even talk about it at all you fake

  16. You sound like Hitler’s gay nephew.

  17. I hope that jailbreak work on 11.2.1 version. I’ve been waiting for this like a year ago. Hopefully it works and we can have that jailbreak soon. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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