iOS 11.3 Review! Should You Update?

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Final iOS 11.3 Ultimate Review. Should You Update? New Features, Speed, Battery Life & Hidden Features Before Updating! GM When? iOS 11.3 In Depth Features:

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  1. This crippled my battery

  2. I had to hard reset my iPad so I could get iOS 11.3

  3. Having problems in apple music for some reason anyone else facing these problems ?

  4. Should I update on iPhone 7 or will it slow down ?

  5. Hey
    So Siri doesn’t recognize the word ‘THIRST’ on my phone any more. The speech to text functions everywhere else is fine but I can’t with Siri. She’s either changing it to first or leaving the word out totally. Is anyone else having similar problems.

    Using an iPhone X on 11.3 btw

  6. Should backup on PC first. I've heard horror stories of iOS11 removing entire Photo libraries after updating.

  7. iOS 11.3 finally adds battery health monitoring. Too late, I left iPhone early this year. Heh.

  8. this problem happens a lot to me:
    after using dictation for once, when clicking the dictation button once again, the text just repeated itself. hope apple fixes this it is so annoying!!!!

  9. Actually my batterly life went really down after updating my iphone 6S, which is kinda sad. Had this issue before on another update and it got fixed later. Anyone here feeling the same?

  10. Anyone want to buy an iPhone in excellent condition? I'm getting rid of this POS.

  11. Songs in my MUSIC get deleted themselves!! I thought it was a software glitch and new update would fix it but it didn’t! How can I fix this please someone ! 😩

  12. On my phone I had one less AppStore update than you in this video

  13. I will never ever believe in your videos again. Fuck my iphone 7 after updating to ios 11.3 my battery drains much faster compared to 11.2.6! Fuck this video!!

  14. 4:43 what's the name of that app you're using?

  15. Im on the ios 11.3 beta. My iphone dont shows me the final version of ios 11.3. what i have to do?

  16. Help since my update in my iMessage it has messages in icloud is currently disabled then it says repair account in blue can you help with how to get rid of it

  17. Anyone’s iPhone 7 dying by quicker??

  18. It shows my messages that I need to repair it -_-

  19. look, if you have an iphone 7 32 gig don’t update to this version. This will make your phone unstable and will crash in a lot of apps. The battery life is Terrible. And the performance is slow. Please wait for another update to come because i’m going through hell with this update

  20. Is der any jailbreak available for ios 11.2.3?

  21. It does not auto fill user names and passwords?

  22. Should I update from 10.3.3.?????????? (Iphone 7 plus)

  23. U should only update if u got the new iPhone any one with the iPhone 7 an lower u should never update cuz it will only make your battery worse Apple already got caught once u think they really gunna improve on it lmfao I don’t think so

  24. I'm sick and tired of Apple being a dick everytime with a new update since iOS 11 release. The video app doesn't allow us to watch videos offline ! WOW!

  25. I am getting Pugd Game ads on all of the videos…on the side…😭😭 but i have both… of both worlds i guess..

  26. Also for 7-8 plus you have different home button settings which means 1 being easiest to press and 3 being firm to press

  27. Where does he get his Wallpaper from? on his 11.3 phone.

  28. Where can I get that wallpaper?

  29. iPhone X notices battery health since iOS 11.3, but iPad mini4 and iPod touch 7th don't show it.
    iPod has not enough battery for recent updates, so I have been so disappointed with the low capacity since I got this in last November.
    I think Apple doesn't care about iPod users.

  30. Wish these reviews would also be catered to older phones. IPhone 6s maybe? Hint hint Phil

  31. Please could you do a video explaining what the new “battery health” feature is all about? Explaining what maximum capacity means

  32. I would like to download wallpaper from this video. How can I get ?

  33. Also iPhone 8 and X will never get throttled due to a hardware improvement. Battery Health isn’t really for those models.

  34. What case you’re using?

  35. Apple's ClassKit APIs will be available in iOS 11.4 beta, meaning that 11.3 is NOT the last iteration of iOS 11.

  36. Hi, can you make a video of new feature of ios 11.3 for iphone 7

  37. Incredibly helpful! Thanks so much.

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